I have a huge amount of content ready and waiting to show you on the blog & I genuinely am excited to show you it. There are delays whether it just be finding time to type up the story i want to tell you. Today's story is jumping into the future as far as the blogs timeline actually goes. This is a fairly recent set of photos from my trip to the Honda Euro Meet in France. Pas Pillay is part of a UK media group over here in the UK called Gentlemen at work. They cover a lot of events all over europe, I've also known a couple of the guys for many years through the Honda meets & shows, Oli (part of the team) even covered Impact for Banzai magazine (which will be in the next issue!) Pas owns a 1.5i-GT Civic E-AT. I asked him for a brief over view of his ownership of the car & to be honest he's done a great job writing about it i'm just copying and pasting it in. Which means you guys get to see the photos much sooner! I hope you enjoy his story! front advert for coilovers My Civic GT I wasn't looking for cars much at the time on my 21st birthday having had my 1.4 ep1 since I was 17 was getting a little boring. On my 21st I was looking on PH at civics usual flick through and this beauty was up for sale. front1 I had saved through uni some of my student loan and worked abit in the summers and had just enough in my savings to snap it up. rear The guy said he had someone coming Saturday morning so I said right I'll be up Friday the car was a 5hr 1/2 train journey up in Manchester so I bought myself a return at £50 just encase the car was not as described took the cash and went on my way. Insurance checks done with classic car insurance limited miles was £150 e Turned up at Manchester station the guy picked me up in the GT and it was raining a little he was wiping it down making sure it was super clean. I literally knew from that point the car had to be mine! Bought the car back in 2009 and have kept it dry stored and do around 1000 miles a year it has been out a little more this year to Belgium Selected Car Show, Mimms Honda Day, Players and to HEM5. The car runs an absolute dream and is a quite nippy little 1.5 it surprises people often how quick it can be. e-at I honestly couldn't see selling the little GT in the future as it is so clean to find another so clean would be a hard task. eat Future plans are to build up another GT from my classic honda collection to the same standard but a 1984 GT with the stubby bumper. eat I used to be scared about putting the mileage onto the civic as it being so low at 27k when I bought it but now I'm more enjoying the time I'm in the car eat The cars subtle modifications are as follows: 14x8 Perl White Steffans Lowering Springs and Torsion bars adjusted Hex Stainless washers to tidy up the bay Stainless custom exhaust system down pipe back. The future plans for the GT are to maintain the car, change of wheels coilovers when funds are available and enjoy owning a piece of Honda history! Hope everyone likes it and enjoys seeing it at the shows advert for coilovers