When I first got my EG Civic that was the car that opened up new friendship opportunities  to me, it took me out of the show car world & into the "build it in your shed or on your driveway" world. Now this is not to say I didnt enjoy being involved with car clubs & Car shows, they are some of the best times of my life, which I recently discussed on a podcast with "Tegboy" who I met during those times.

But tegboy & my club were all based hours away from my house. So it meant a lot of weekends spent tripping up the A14 to go see them. 

When I got my EG6 home, these were very much the days of forums & real life car meets, you didnt have a social profile for the most part, you had a build thread & your social profile was built when you went to meets, shows, races, track days & met people that way. 

One of the guys I got introduced to was Pete, we met through mutual friends both being Honda guys locally and just kinda never left each others side since. He was a huge part of my learning on cars back when I first started really getting hands on & I'm grateful that the friendship happened as we now do more than just cars together, in fact just this Tuesday gone he nearly knocked me out sparring at Kickboxing, so that was kinda funny too. It was a great punch as well, shame it happened to land on my face. lol. 

Throughout these years Pete has always had a Homebrew'd Honda in his garage, slowly but surely being blended up into a work of art & his current project is no different. 

This post is just a quick introduction & an excuse for me to post some photos we got from when we cleaned both of our little hatches up a couple weeks ago. I do have a full photoset and build blog to show you, but im still in the process of making that. Blogging takes forever, i really did forget just how long I used to spend on these. But now we have this new website & I have a place to showcase these, I do want to make them a more regular thing, as much as I love youtube & videos we do, there just isn't anything quite like Photos. I miss print. But its dead for the most part. But let me see what i can create for you.

here's a photoset of Pete & my Civic's. Followed by a Vlog of the day, hope you will check them out ! 

Check out the Vlog of the day here :