Honda day has become my favourite event of the year, I get so excited for this show weeks before I fly out. its one of the few times I can sit at an airport after being delayed for 5 hours and still be absolutely content in knowing my trip is going to be amazing. This year I was once again going on my own, I travel a lot on my own for 6TWO1 Trips, I find it easier to concentrate & focus on my goals for the trip. This year I went with 2 main goals in mind. 1) Enjoy it whilst I get as much coverage as possible for the blog 2) Secure the Downstar contract for 6TWO1 to be UK exclusive of Downstars unbeatable products. I can safely and confidently say I managed to do both. Not just do both but exceed what I planned on doing and I also got a new supplier of over 130 brands which you WILL want to buy. Which is sick. The Honda day show is buzzing with activity. From the Drag racing, to the unparalleled show area with some absolutely mind blowing builds in, to the main stage which is becoming festival like. The show holds a wonderful atmosphere, everyone is there for the cars & making new friends, not at any point to I feel any negativity is going on, everyone from staff to attendees have a smile on their face excluding the few sour mouthed people who feel like they're being out done with their un-modified civic isn't allowed into the show area. But you can't make everyone happy, Honda day sure does make me happy though. Racing Ramey Built trailer area is so impressive, their EG's are so beautiful too. CCM CCM Motorsports EG is one of my favourites. That colour... EG Built. K Series on huge ITBs... Jswap DC2 J Swap DC2, RHD Conversion with the hand painted Woodgrain effect. Part of the Mezurashii Mob you will see this in detail in the coming weeks on the blog! Mint Mint Green S2000 on Enkei RPF1s Red Coupe BYS Front bumper, Carbon everything from bonnet to doors, Yellow Recaro's & CCW's. Nice. Plistic I'm unsure if this is a wrap or plasti-dip, but there were a few cars there with this cool pearlecent effect EG Clean EG on Enkei J-Speed dr Four Door DC2 with a BYS Front bumper finished in a beautiful colour on TE37s' and also part of the NVUS Crew. Jazz/Fit on Regas. Stunning. Rega's are still my favourite wheel ever. Beautiful EG Bay Stunning EG6. Although, I'm always going to be slightly bias towards these. The Bay is unbelievably clean also. Wish mine was like this. haha CRX Saw this del sol & it reminded me of my friend Oli' back home who has recently broken his out for parts. Turbo bay Turbo'd EG. Stunning colour.. Kswapped ek EK K Swapped EK styled like an EK9. EG Eg Rico of Mezurashii Mob's incredible EG6 SiR, real deal JDM import. One of his 2 JDM Cars! stunning example that he picked up a few months back completely stock. Rico Rico's Other car is this JDM DA6. Now hosting CCW wheels & Air ride by BC racing... Both Both of his cars... Damn I am jealous... JOSH Josh of Mezurashii purchased Rico's old re-barrelled regas. His coupe looks incredible... Drag Drag car in the show area.. EG Downstar Frank from Downstars EG. We have secured the Downstar product range as UK exclusive & will be available in the shop & online very soon. DS ds DS Downstar Bench We will be bringing in almost everything downstar Produce from the Spikes to the fender washer kits. Be Ready. DS One last shot of Franks EG6. Which also hosts Status Racing Seats...Which we stock... Seb up OSAKA WING Sebastian Rodriguez's beautiful EK Civic. On buddyclub wheels rocking the Osaka JDM Banner & Rear Wing! you can pick up your osaka wing today!! from our shop !! in stock here in the UK! Jblood Super Beautiful hatch has a beautiful engine bay to match, this got me excited, as I have a very similar engine set up going into my EG soon. Kyle Crawford Kyle Crawfords EF. A car I have wanted to shoot for so long! & I finally did!! wait to see the feature on the blog soon... DC2 R Dc2 Type R with A KSwap, Regas and Spoon brakes... Pushing over 280bhp na...Savage.. front S2k UNIQUE One of the more unique cars at the event was this S2000 with a wide body kit, Work Meister wheels & a huge turbo on the engine. Quality of the workman ship was outstanding. The colour was incredible. S2000 This S2000, had a paint job that I just couldn't capture. It was a pearl white, which in the sun went a shade of blue. it was spectacular. White Dc2 BAY All White DC2 on BBS's... with a beautiful Gold & White engine bay... orange orange Love this Orange S2000 ... S2000 An S2000 to make Fyse dance. Sedan V SEDAN Victorino's Sedan, Jose's S2000 & His girls Sedan... Features coming to the blog on these!! MEZURASHII MOB airdisk Prelude on CF48 Mugens with the Aerodisks... very rare... Dc5 MEZURASHII MOB DC5 on Ccws Dc2 DC2 Dc2 looks great on the Whistler Wheels KR1s! which, we have in STOCK!! Accord Accord/TSX on DAI Wheels DC5 carbon dc Pretty cool wrap on this DC5, a flip carbon effect. Havn't seen that before. EF Really nice EF with some unique touches, such as the cut out bonnet & the EG spoiler custom made to fit..on SSR MK1s DC5 DC5 on wide works.. DC5 john John's DC5. This will have its own feature on here very soon, Amazing car... ww Whistler Civic Si hosting the Whistler Wheels in 18's Looking amazing! Civic Si Nice Civic Si with a cool Matte flip colour, unsure if its plasti-dip or a wrap.. EP3 Ep3 dressed up as a TYPE R on TE37's. Looks great! Mint Green EP3 Chris Christopher's Sweet Sedan, Used on track a lot Love it! EK Friggin sweet Ek4.... CE28s, J's lip... py DC2 engine PY DC2 Type R with a K Swap and Desmond Regamaster Brites...Stunning.. Yellow EG6 wheels Beautiful Yellow EG6 on mugen MF10s hh HATCHBACK HEROS Check out Hatchback Hero's (on instagram) EF!! How clean!! Civic coupe One of my Canadian friends Coupes!! looks amazing on the 949 wheels... h22 Jerrys H22 Turbo Hatch!! Pete Pete's another of my canadian friends who owns this sedan! Martins My fellow Brit ! Martin's Coupe! Adam S2 Adam's S2000! Dc Clean DC5. RED Love the colour of the car on this SI. Candy red. MINT Another Mint Green S2000 Whistler Whilster Sedan on custom green Whistler Wheels! SI With carbon Si Civic with carbon bonnet & fenders & Volk CE28s! SI on Regas ?? Honestly, unsure what this is. Haha. But its awesome! * Update * Its an Acura Domani Sedan - Thanks kenneth eg EG Beautiful red EG on White Regamasters... Sedan Stunning condition sedan on BBS RS's... Soccor mom Odysseys are modified a lot out here on the east coast. Its so cool to see how creative people can get with these. Del Sol on CCW's.. Stunning colour on this sedan.. fitted Fitted RSX EG Eg looking great on Whistler Wheels... love Love the blue on the wheels .. CIVIC 1G Friggin sweet to see a 1st gen civic in this condition... WRap Another of those fancy colours.. prelude Matt pink Prelude.. Coupe White Coupe on the Chrome Whistler Wheels! Sdean Sedan on Chrome Whistlers.. wagon Wagon on the White/polished lip Whistlers! Lots of whistler wheels on display.. Unreal Odyssey... popo The police at the event were actually really funny & great to talk to, had no problems with them all day. They wanted everyone to have a great day as much as we did too hatch Stunning Hatch... Coupe Loved this coupe on Buddyclubs.. Hatch 4 DA DA EF HATCH RED Classic A collection of equally beautiful Old school late 80s/early 90s Hondas. black ef My personal favourite. One of my cars of the whole event. Absolute perfection. EG Cannot wait for my EG to get a fresh lick of paint & Look this good! ek4 Love this Ek4, Love the colour. Love how it sits... dc2 STUNNING Dc2 from the MEZURASHII MOB TIME FOR SOME TRACK ACTION !! DRAG DC2 Chris Miller in the Supertech DC2! 8 Second car all day long, if you think your car is loud. This thing will make you think differently. Nearly made my ears bleed. Burnout Show winner Show winer Track Seeing a show winner from last year burning up the drag strip was awesome, Build it, Show it, Race it. PURPOSE. Back at the Show ground now, more track action to come in the next post as today was just qualifying... back Back end of the Blue civic you saw earlier. Hard stanced S2000.. SI Clean Si Accord JUNE BUGGS Accord will have a full feature on 6TWO1 in the coming weeks... this thing is SICK. K24, RHD.... Rear Aswell as this JSwapped DC2 I showed you earlier.. This EG was so clean, on CCW's, carbon fibre front end, Kswap..... Stance Crv Unreal CRV in the show area.. Stun Stunning Accord wagon.. Marty rear Martys 500 + BHP Hatch.. pwoer Its Heart... VRACE vrace 2 Amazing builds from V RACEWORKS Kyle Kyles hatch Kyles hatch as the sun started to go down & people started to pack up for the day.. Random I honestly have no idea who this guy is but he took my business card then started posing in front of Kyles hatch haha. Closing Closing out the coverage with this beautiful NSX. I really hope you've enjoyed the Saturday coverage of the event. Sunday Coverage will be up soon.. Adam 6TWO1