I'm sat here after the first day from Honda Day checking through some of my pictures. I got over 400 photos, but the first ones I went to check out were this small bunch of a Mk1 CRX I saw today. It really got me thinking, in the mist of all these super low, super clean cars most of them on some very expensive custom wheels, this little (Now) classic CRX is the one I walked out of the show thinking - "I want one of those." nice For me, this is almost as good as it gets, no bullshit, no fad party tricks, just back to the basics of Honda tuning. This is what I can imagine the real OG's of our scene did. mugen The CRX is sat on Mugen CF48's, perfectly suited to its 80's styling... It also has a small lip spoiler, I dont know what brand it is, I can only assume Mugen or a OEM Honda accessory... rear This is only a small little teaser of some of the other cars that were on show today at Honda Day (Saturday) but this one really left its mark on me. I wanted to show this to you now, not later. Remember, any orders over £30 (Before postage) get a free set of black steel locking racing lug nuts! Get your orders in! Adam 6TWO1