So today I am taking you back to Sunday of Honda Day in ETOWN. I can only appologies for lack of blog updates. I promise they are back on track as of today. I can only say you have to wait one more month before you understand why my attention has been elsewhere! But enough of that for now, I want to focus on what was, the best Honda show I have ever attended in my life. Sunday was much more anticipated for me. I only found out the day before, that the Sunday was the main show. The Saturday seemed more like some what of a warm up. I Spoke with some of the locals & they were saying how most of the people come out for Sunday, so I was stoked. So I shall start of on one of the cars that really caught my attention, This stunning orange Turbo'd DC5, with CCWs & BYS front bumper. Dc5 1 Seeing one of the RSX's stanced like this is pretty cool, I mean for me as an English guy & Ex-Dc5 owner, Type R's cannot handle fitment. But its obvious that the RSX can. This really was stunning. 2 I got to the show early, because of the media entrance I was blessed with I managed to drive straight in, no queuing, it was wonderful haha. But it also ment I got to really look around the main show area whilst everyone was coming in. This CCW'd Carbon'd up Jazz was awesome... 3 Stunning Yellow DC2. Spoon everything, even dials. The yellow Recaro recliners suit the Yellow paint so well. Sat on TE37s & Spoon calipers too.... 4 Yet another Spoon'd out Integra, this time with the other front end that the DC2 came with. This also had spoon clocks, Spoon calipers, sat on SW388s (Regamasters) 5 This DC2 has had a couple of big features on the net this year, I loved getting to see it in person. wheels sit perfectly on it. Also its a genuine JDM DC2, Imported from Japan. Obviously being English and seeing these things everywhere its not so much of a big deal to us, but out over the other side of the pond it is a big deal, all the dudes I met were going crazy over the RHD. Ferdman has done a great job on this ... 6 & Here he is cleaning his car.. 7 Stunning Civic Si sat on SSR wheels. With what I Assume is a Mugen front bumper? Any info on this? We dont get this shape over in the UK.. 8 Another Japanese imported car, this stunning DB8 with a BYS Front bumper, Regamaster SW388s Spoon calipers, bride seats.. 9 NSX ... 10 This rad little guy was cruising around all day in his Escalade playing his tunes, was great to see.... 11 Acura TSX (Accord) Sat perfectly on CCW's.... 12 8th Gen Civic with a JDM front end swap sat on Work VSXX..... 13 Another TSX (Accord) On CCWs.... 14 One thing the show was not short of was modified CRV's! So cool for me to see, these rarely get touched over here. I mean my dad put a spoiler on Mum's CRV & Some side steps but that is about it! haha these are so cool... 15 Gorgeous Blue coupe, white Bay & Matching BBS.... 16 I think this is an Accord coupe? Different modifying style to the normal trends.... 17 I mentioned my Mum has a CRV. Well, this one is the same colour haha! looks so good. Wish I could drop hers on wheels.. 18 Another CRv... 19 & Another... 20 & Another... 21 & Another.... 22 & Another, this time this one is on Enkei NT03's!! See the Speakers on the roof? I had NEVER seen this before. But so many dudes were doing it. At one point, there were 3 cars, with about 10 feet worth of speakers each having a battle of terrible music.It was horrible, but, their the locals, not me. so I just embraced it. 23 This one on Rotiforms... 24 Stunning TSX (Accord) on SSR wheels... 25 VRACEWORKS Civic coupe...Huge intercooler & TE37s..... 26 9th Gen Civic on Equips.... 27 I headed trackside for the qualifying ..... 28 29 30 Light'em up.... 31 32 Stunning EF Drag car.... 33 I got very lucky having a media pass as it allowed me to use an Air-conned room for relaxing/photo editing etc, I met a few really cool guys one being Angel Ramirez who has a Studio in New Jersey called DPI Creative, of which he invited me down to and I visited the day after Honda day. He saved my ears & handed me a spare set of ear plugs he had. I honestly appreciated it so much haha. He has also supplied me with a set of photos from Wekfest! so that will be online too.. 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 After my poor unprotected ear drums had taken a huge battering, I headed back to the show.. Turbo Buddyclub S2000 41 Stunning Civic Sedan, look at that engine bay!! & those stunning CCW's. amazing colour too... 42 Beautiful S2000 with the CR front lip, custom diffuser & Spoon wheels... 43 s2k Mugen DC5 on Mugen MF10s.... 44 mugen The excessive camber on this Accord is the only thing that lets it down for me, if those back wheels fit properly it would have been one of my favourites of the day, but hey if thats what the owner likes thats what they like... accord 45 Mugen CRZ not only had Mugen MF10s, Mugen bodykit, Mugen Calipers, but also had the Mugen RR Seats...... crz 46 Mugen DC2,MF10s, Endless Brake calipers.... 47 dc2 Front shot of the Accord I caught rolling in.... accord 48 8Th Gen Si.. 49 8th Beautiful EG on BBS RS..... eg 50 S2000 with Spoon front bumper, & Enkei RPF01 51 Huge fan of these accords & this one with the Mugen kit, Status Racing seats & CE28s was stunning accord Accord JDM EK9 on Regamasters (16x7 ET35) EK9 54 S2000 with the CR Lip & Regamasters S2000 55 Amuse kitted S2000 s2000 56 Purple DC5 on Regamasters, Mugen Spoiler & BYS Front bumper... dc5 EK9 on Regamasters with a Seeker V2 Spoiler Regas K Swapped DC2, Mugen MF10s, Mugen Gen 2 Spoiler..... dc2 59 Accord.... Accord 60 DC5 from Sema, changed a bit since I had last seen it but what a car..... DC561 Accord estate... accord62 Rear of Ferdmans DC2... dc2 63 JDM Honda Civic EF on Mugen MF10s mf10s 64 Honda Odyssey looking so hard! Odyssey The crowd going wild over some Rappers & give aways the Honda Day crew were doing. The whole day really felt like a Festival, not so much a show... real great atmosphere.. hondaday 66 TSX (accord) with a great wheel fitment. Looks spot on... tsx Amazing older Accord.... accord 68 Civic Shuttle on polished CPRs.... 69 Civic with a Domani front end swap... civic Civic Si Coupe on BBS RS... Civic71 Civic Coupe, Regamasters.. stunning.... Civic 72 Odyssey on crazy Vossen od 73 Amazing CRV on Vossen wheels CRV 74 Legend..... legend 75 Acura 4x4 once again on Vossen wheels Vossen Accord / TSX stunning colour... Acura Old School Accord.... accord This is an Accord Crossover on Vossen wheels.. accprd crpspver Rico's amazing JDM DA Integra Rocking 6TWO1 Decals... DA integra Mezurashi Mob S2000....Also rocking a 6TWO1 sticker.... S2000 Josh's Civic Coupe on Image wheels also rocking 6TWO1 Stickers... Civic coupe I Met a cool group of Canadian dudes I met at the hotel and I managed to find them at the show.... S2k Civic coupe with a EK9 B16B engine, Ek9 Clocks, so clean.. Civic CRX Del Sol ... Crx Jerry's EG is amazing, He has owned this SINCE NEW!! He Drove this car off the lot! Turbo H22 Engine Swap, Regas..... eg JErry eg I mentioned this earlier haha but It made me laugh, had absolutely in my life never imagined that I'd see this, brilliant.... accord speakers I cant lie, I have no idea what Model Honda this is. but it looked awesome old hold Stunning blue S2000 with the CR Kit & CE28s... CR Clean DC2 on BBS RS bbs Pop Molly. dr2 DC5 Giveaway car! One lucky Man won this car for the cost of a ticket! So cool that Honda Day can do this! dc5 Beautiful NSX on TE37's.... nsx nsx nsx Another S2000 this one has a real "Used & Abused" feel to it. Real purpose build, on the odd coloured Regamasters s2k I also managed to head trackside to grab the final few pics of MR Spoon himself with his E-AT Civic which you can read all about here: // Honda day was amazing, I am hoping to get back out there again for next year. It really opened my eyes to the drag scene which I really havn't ever experienced before. I had a really really good trip. Along with meeting some amazing people. Thank you for reading my trip to Honda day, I hope you have enjoyed my coverage. ad1