So before I share the full post for Honda Day I'm bringing you my favourite car from the Sunday at the event. It was a hard choice, Sunday is the big day & you will see the turnout quadruple from the Saturday. I was pretty hard pressed to find a favourite, I was split between the one you see here & the Max Racing DC5. But, that car was so crowded with people all day I didn't manage to get enough pictures to justify its own one of these, so this beautiful example of an EG Civic gets the only Spotlight from Sunday. If you guys like these I will do more in the future, as I enjoy giving some of the cars that really deserve the coverage the air time. EG The front end hosts a Mugen front lip, J's racing tow hook & canards on the bumper; This EG is a great example of a timeless build. This car would have looked good 10 years ago at an event, and will continue to look good if it makes it out to Honda Day 2024. Engine bay The Engine bay hosts a B16A with a custom rocker cover, Downstar spiked bolts and Fender washers along with a new Downstar VTEC Solenoid cap, Original Carbing 3 Point strut brace, whom many have replicated since along with the J's racing carbon induction kit. bay d0wn Downstar manifold spikes, whilst I was hanging out with Frank on his stand I kept having to refer to these as header spikes as when i said manifold spikes i got a blank response from the onlooker. Wilwood 4 Piston callipers sit perfectly behind the Mugen MF8s Carbon Carbon mirrors... Unsure what brand... Rear From the back you can see how the car sits on its coilovers, with the aftermarket side skirts which remind me of Mugen DC2 but I do not know what these are exactly. J's racing Tow hook also on the rear with the Spoon Carbon Spoiler completing the EG's body shape, along with a backbox which also looks to be a J's racing 60RR(r/s) but I once again, didn't take notes whilst I was there. But I can say with this collection of parts this car won my heart. I loved it. Honda day coverage will be coming soon, so many photos I cannot even explain! I will do it in blocks, how many blocks we are all yet to discover! Please Share this on any social media if you've enjoyed! I dont mind you using the photos but please do not remove the signature. Adam