My Friend from America, HondaPro Jason, who runs a very successful Honda news & information show on youtube had flown over from Usa to visit Holland & made an extra special stop to see us in England on his way back! He contacted me a few weeks back to say he had organised a Honda Factory tour, which I didnt even know you could do! So we headed down on a Wednesday. He & his girlfriend Nadia had chosen to stay in Chelsea, Almost central London, so we had a bit of a problem with traffic which made us late. Honestly on the way I was nervous that they wouldnt let us go around. We headed down in my newly aquired DC5, was awesome to turn up to the factory in a classic type R ! Upon arrival a Honda Worker called Natasha came out & Explained we had missed half the tour, I was worried at this point haha, But she helped us catch up with the tour and we carried on where they had gotten too. At the end Natasha came found us and said that because of who HondaPro Jason is that we can then go back and see everything we missed! So that was awesome, almost like a private tour of the factory !! After, Synchro motorsport had contacted Jason who are a Honda Factory race team & bought a Civic & a Jazz race car out for him to have a real look over. Both running 265bhp on standard engines. Absolute madness... zoomed out Checking out interior Honda Synchro Motorsports are a Honda funded race team who work out of the premises all done by Honda employees in their own time. Honda fund the cars & parts they need ! its awesome... K20 Jazz Jazz & civic K20 K20 Jazz that actually got banned from racing a few times due to the noise it makes! Jason Jason smile Jason Jason loving the Civic race car ! Civic HPJ Jason Filming for his show which you will be able to find at HPJ HondaPro Loving the race cars! DC5 dc5 I had to grab a photo of my new DC5 parked up outside the main building! Thank you for reading. Back to Japan coverage very soon. Status Racing Top1 merch