One thing I am fully grateful for in the UK Honda Scene is the great friendships I've built up with a select few people. Many people have come and gone but a few have stuck around and become very good friends to me. To the point that even if they sold up from Honda's forever we would stay friends. Fyse Peter Fyson is one of them. His approach to modifying would best be suited over the pond, he is fully involved in the stance will make her dance way of life, even through a barrage of hate from ITR-DC2 forums across the country and always angry status's on facebook about fake wheels. We all still love him haha. He drove down early before our charity meet for me to grab a few pictures for this exact blog post on his Integra. throughout our friendships I've always been lazy & never had a full shoot before. So before the meet started we had a little shoot before the CCW's came off for winter. DC2 dc2 advert for coilovers rear I love this picture, I had a huge print made for the showroom. I fully can appreciate the stance/fitment game. I dont "hate" any form of modifying, absolutely love the CCW wheels too. They're a beautifully well crafted wheel.. ccw rear Despoilered rear, this is not my personal favourite but I know Fyse loves the cleaner lines. I am a spoiler kinda guy though. rear advert for coilovers integra Side on shots, I love how it sits, I think Fyse really has got it spot on but I would also love to see it with the type r spoiler... Dc2 Side on Fyse will be at a lot of the events in 2014 with the DC2, dont be afraid to say hello he's always up for a chat! Hope you enjoyed the pictures! advert for coilovers