Day 2 In japan! (the following few paragraphs in italic before the photos were wrote on the DAY of photos..) I write this sat here still trying to work out if today actually happened, I'll tell you exactly how it went down as I'm making the point of doing this all on the same day so you can understand how crazy it all seems to me. I am currently using a Japanese sat nav that seemingly doesnt know anywhere in Japan, the phone feature doesnt work so It cannot do what every other cool sat nav here seems to be able to do, So I got the co-ordinates for the Honda Collection hall. It seemed like the right distance.... I am driving for about an hour and half and I am in Tsubsku, I genuinely thought I was on the right track... BOY WAS I WRONG.. I carried on just enjoying the day even though the weather was turning slightly, I cannot express the joy I get from just driving around Japan in a DC5... So it tells me to turn right, So I turn right... I end up down a one car wide lane in the middle of NOWHERE at some poor old mans house!! I nod and as they all have been so far he very politely nods back as I turn around and head back down to the Enkei factory I went past as I thought it would be a good point to try and work out where the hell I'd ended up!!.... [caption id="attachment_13834" align="alignnone" width="800"]all rights reserved 6TWO1 all rights reserved 6TWO1[/caption] I started to get a bit frustrated, this stupid sat nav has half english & half Japanese, so if i try to enter a destination I need to be able to type in Japanese ! I gave up and just lubed up my butt hole for 02 to have their way with after I switched on the data roaming to use Google Maps, which 1 hour later guided me safely to Motegi track.... yeah not to the track though, to a road under neith a bridge that leads you to the track! GOD DAMN IT, I was honestly thinking am I ever going to see this God damn NSX-R !!! (The main reason for going for myself) .... Now, I saw a cool Yaris turn right about 15 minutes back when I went straight on, what have I got to loose by trying that road he went down? So I did & it led me STRAIGHT To the entrance I needed to be at ! AWWWOOOOOOO I was so buzzing! After I parked up next to an FD2 & Mugen CRZ (very cool!) I headed inside, to be greeted instantly by two very polite employees who told me Asimo would be doing a live show! So I sat myself down near the front & waited to see the show... robots First off, this guy rode around on this bizarree thing, I have no idea what they were saying but all I knew is whatever he was sitting on I wanted to buy. Asimo1 Asimo then strolls out to a round of applause / gasps of children... like an absolute gangster throwing up hand signs... He played some football, did some dancing, jumping, running. Was all very very cool, also completely terrifying. The future will be ruled by Asimos. It wouldnt surprise me. Asimo waved goodbye and that was the end of the demonstration, absolutely mind blowing ! Entracne hall rear The Entrance hall is this wide, open beautiful room. You are greated by this stunning S500.. Racing wheel And this Older Honda Racing car... Classic This Classic Racing car is one Soichiro Honda worked on. Wheel Upper deck. I headed up to the 3rd floor, I decided to work my way down. As you get to the top of the stairs, on the left side of the building is Cars, right side motorbikes. It really is a great varied selection of amazing Honda's... Racing Car Indy 500 Racing car... Engine from an Indy Car... Honda V8 indy More Indy Cars.. mugen accord 1 accrd JTCC Castrol Mugen Accords... jaccs JACCS accord The Amazing JACCS Accord... G The Green Castrol Mugen NSX... Which used to compete in the JGTC ... Civic Civic front Awesome! I loved this, Team Yamato Civic! Raced from 1978-84... Civic Turbo Amazing! Honda Civic Turbo, probably the cutest lil race car ever? I'll be honest, I dont know what this is. REd nsx ns rear Castrol / Kaneko NSX raced in the 24 Hour Le Mans driven by Keiichi Tsuchiya ek rear Gathers EK9 Raced in the 1998 Super-Taikyu ST-4 class and stopped the long run of Nissan Skyline GTR Victories.. CHAMPION!!!! beams dc Beams Racing DC5 which is the winner of a 24 hour endurance race in 2001... kitted out with Full Mugen kit & Mugen wheels Civic ef ef Stunning EF Civic Race car..... Mugen Motul rear The Stunning & Original Mugen Motul 3rd gen.. Civic Eg Civic EG JACCS Civic EG... I found out that these actually have the Bseries swapped around like how the K Series sits in more modern Honda's to give better air flow through the exhausts! incredible engineering...Wish I could have popped the bonnet for a look ! JGTC Avex Group DOME Mugen NSX from the JGTC Championships.. The EK9 & DC5R .... dont walk Jenson Buttons F1 Car... f1 A Collection of Honda racing cars.. Love this Photo Dc5 I went back to the Race car section of the chassis I love, The Beams DC5 is stunning. 4g Dc5 EG JACCS Hope you like the run down of images above, they dont need text But I was just enjoying every second walking around.. After spending a good hour just taking all of this room in, I moved back out to the walkway.. toyota rear They also had a couple of Toyota's in the building. I am not 100% sure, but I think they may restore these other cars also... Honda S800 race car Rear Honda S800 race car! So beautiful ! S800 convertable rear INterior In one of the walkways this stunning OEM Honda S800 sat. Class, elegance... beauty... Motorbike I made my way into the motorbike hall and first bike I saw was this Honda RC143 that was raced in 1960 by Honda. Bikes. old bikes Bike bike Rossi bike Valentino Rossi's bike!... bike Seeing some of these bikes for me was so cool, I have never really been that into Moto GP or World super bikes but I used to love collecting those over priced magazines where you get a free model after paying like £7. I subscribed to the Superbike one and you can still see the collection in my store in Colchester... S600 Back in the walkway as I headed down a floor was this stunning Honda S600 s360 Along side that was this gorgeous Honda Sport 360 I headed into the Domestics vehicle hall... Van Honda Pickup ! S6 Another stunning S600. I hope one day I can own one of these beautiful little roadsters... vands Honda S800 Coupe z Honda Z I'm not sure what truck this is, but I saw the same thing at the Type ONE Building. Honda N360 Collection of Honda Sedans & Coupe... Civic 1st Gen Honda Civic... Unsure what this is also, but I need it. Civic Wagon Honda Civic Estate with wood effects ! 3rd Generation Civic... acc 1st Gen Accord coupe .. acc Accord Aerodeck Prelude City Honda City with the monkey bike ! City conv Honda City Convertible! I only know of one of these here in the UK & Its owned by JDMGuys! So cool! Integra Stunning Integra, I love these cars. I can remember being a child & my Granddad having one ... 1st Generation Ballade Sport CRX ! Honda Legends.. Honda Today honda beat rear Honda Beat ! NSX nsx r nsx nsx front Now for the car I'd really came all this way for. A Showroom condition NA1 Honda NSX-R. When we talk about dream cars, many people say GTR, 911GT3, Ferrari 458, R8... Well above you see mine... fr rea 98spec DC2 Type R pre Pre facelift EK9 The pair together.. s Del Sol SIR Bike Back into the Bike hall but now onto the second floor, I saw some incredible bikes.. VFR400R NC30, I hope to do my bike test soon so I can go out and buy a NC30 vfr... Before I headed back downstairs to spend a lot of money on Models of EG's, I headed back to the domestics hall for one more round.. . Another Toyota which had been restored... I got back downstairs & before hitting up the gift shop, I checked out the Robot area & the "Future zone" I'll call it... fcx FCX Hydrogen Powered car.. More FCX branded cars.. ASimo The most human-esq robot in the world! Asimo! The Evolution of Asimo! That bought my tour around the Honda Collection hall to an end, What an amazing day. I would say if you are planning on making the trip to Japan, make sure you go. There is nothing better for a Honda Enthusiast to see some of these stunning cars in such amazing condition ! Not only that, but seeing some history of the brand I've grown to love, from their cars, to bikes, to racing cars... so much history in one place! Back out in the rain & The car park, this wild dc5 had parked up next to my rental! .. Stunning Accord SiR wagon & That, brings to the end of the post. I hope you enjoyed it, I tried my hardest to let you see what I saw. I loved my time here & Hope one day I get to visit once again! I have so much more amazing content to show you, but the store is so busy at the minute so I'm finding the time to get together the blog posts. Hope you have enjoyed !