I feel it only right to share about South Mimms Meet as its been an integral part of the growth of PureCarModify.com, this message from DAV @ Endless horizon (Host) **IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT SOUTH MIMMS HONDA MEET - PLEASE READ** UNFORTUNATELY THIS WILL BE THE LAST SOUTH MIMMS HONDA MEET AT THIS VENUE DUE TO THE SIZE THE EVENT HAS GROWN TO. THE MANAGEMENT HAVE SAID THAT THIS WILL BE THE LAST ONE. THEY WERE TRYING TO GET ME TO CANCEL THE EVENT LAST WEEK TO WHICH I SAID IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CANCEL IT ON SUCH SHORT NOTICE AND AFTER THEY HAD GIVEN ME THE CONFIRMATION OF THE DATE WHICH SEEMED VERY UNFAIR TO ME. I HAVE MANAGED TO CONVINCE THEM TO LET THIS ONE RUN THEN NO MORE AFTERWARDS. NOW BEFORE EVERYONE GETS UPSET THAT THERE IS NO MORE MIMMS, I AM IN THE PROCESS OF CONFIRMING ANOTHER VENUE NOT TOO FAR FROM MIMMS WHICH IS BIGGER AND BETTER! KEEP A LOOK OUT FOR THE EVENT PAGE FOR THAT STARTING NEXT YEAR! Its a shame but Onwards & upwards, looking forward to the new location already!! In other news! 6TWO1 is fully Restocked up for Beanies, Hoodies & T shirts along with Snapbacks to boot! All available in the Merchandise store! beanies beanies hoodie Beanies are £10 Each & the Hoodie is £30! orange This is our Flagship! £20 + delivery for this incredibly detailed Design with a back print too! asimo back Loads of Colour options for the logo t's on the store! beanie So thank you very much for your support so far, Thank you to DAV for the fantastic South Mimms meets & Look forward to the last, all be it wet one this Sunday! ad1