Well well well, what a throwback this feels. 

Sat on my laptop typing out some jargon about an old 90's Honda, after a day in the blistering heat trying my best to clean it up enough for photos without giving up half way and turning on the Xbox. We made it boys. We made it.

This whole lockdown situation has really changed my plans. 
I have a blog post that I haven't really even looked at since Lockdown was initiated as it just felt so ill taste to post. Before the Government set its guidelines I took my M3 up to Scotland for a roadtrip & it was fantastic. I will finish up that post for you, I got some great photos at some amazing locations, but for now this much smaller, easier to digest & easier to write & sort out is what I am going to start this blog back off with.

Like I’ve mentioned in the past my passion really transitioned from blogging, over to video making  / vlogging with youtube. But sometimes, trying to put on the entertainment face, trying to keep everyone happy who watches the videos, its hard man, it takes a toll on your  mental health for sure. Today whilst I was cleaning up the EG6 & my M3, I thought no video today, lets charge up the old SLR & Go take some photos, get stuck into a blog post for the first time in ages.

I go through stages of really missing blogging. It used to be so much fun. Felt so rewarding, but over time with our old mate Zuc limiting your reach on everything unless you send him lots of money to reach a small # of the people who clicked LIKE to stay up to date with what you do, whilst giving him a reach around and birthing a Panda, the whole experience became rather shite.

But I digress, the lockdown has really changed my mentality of what I wanted out of the future, I was absolutely dead set on getting an Ebisu car to progress myself as a drifter, but with the Virus doing its numbers, events getting cancelled and travel being very difficult, I pulled the plug on that idea for now.

Instead dropping the Silvia off to MB Automotive to try resolve my Misfire once and for all, the red EG6 got dropped to OMW Tuning to be finished off as it had got to the point where it needed a professionals eyes over it (& they have done an amazing job, check out @OMWTuning on instagram!) & my “Free BMW” that I acquired is basically ready for Santa pod once all this blows over. I was left thinking, how am I going to spend my time? Do I modify my M3?

The only issue with that, is the parts for M3 just aren't “Fun” money, they’re serious dolla to modify, brake kits are like... i dont even want to think about it.

I wanted something fun, something that bought back that raw passion for cars.

Whilst reminiscing about car meets during this lockdown period I went through photos I took in 2016 at a 6TWO1 meet. A Yellow EG6 had always came along and I’d always loved it. I got to know the owner Paul over the years, was a really nice chap & always polite to me. I saw a photo I’d took of this EG6 & I thought it was great, so I shared it on the 6TWO1 instagram page & thought nothing more of it.

Paul left a comment.

“Shame that Eg is dead on my driveway”

I tell you now, that was enough to know I was going to be owning this car. I dropped him a message. Got told the price, didn’t argue. Went and looked at it on the way home from my Scotland roadtrip & had it collected a few weeks later.

& Now, I proudly present you my new, EG6 SiR.

The Carnival Yellow JDM EG6 SiR Now sits proudly on my driveway.

I will get to the nitty gritty with the car over the next few blog posts. Yep, I said it, im going to be doing more blogging again. haha. I promise! 

I want to focus on the exterior of the car this time round, also I wanted to get out with the camera today because I'm going to be making a few changes to it over time & want to have photos documenting the car. 

Also, this car has such an array of parts 6TWO1 ourselves can supply, it makes sense to be able to showcase them in this way! 

The car is lowered on BC Racing Coilovers ; Available here!  

Has a genuine Spoon Sports front lip, Seibon Carbon Bonnet, 2 X Tegiwa bumper scoops & Denji Headlights to finish off the front end. 
Oh & Of course a 30CM Track invader decal, that you should definitely cop for your car! 


15x7 Rota Slipstreams are wrapped in AD08 Tyres. These are a very popular wheel choice & for obvious reason, with how expensive Regamasters are now along with the rarity, the Rota option is a smart choice in todays market, but currently out of stock with No ETA Due to corona virus! very annoying. 

The side profile of the EG6 hatch with Spoon Front lip / Spoiler combo is... Nothing short of stunning to me. I love it. This EG6 also has the Spoon Sports V2 Electric Carbon mirrors, such a cool modification. 

Full Spoon Sports Catalog available through us!

Unfortunately this Civic does need some love and attention. It's always frustrating when I get myself into these situations but i felt this car requires it first. So before we go do any big engine swaps, the bodywork must be looked at. Both arches need replacing & the whole thing will benefit from a full respray. I've spoke to Castleport restoration already & He's happy to tackle it as overall, its not terrible, but we must catch this before it ruins the whole thing!

The car does clean up good to be fair, but the paint has a lot of imperfections.

Iconic rear end. 

Since taking ownership of the car I removed all the Spoon/Advan stickers. Although they completed that "Spoon" look, its not what I'm after. I love Spoon Sports but I always prefer to write my own story. 

6TWO1 is my story, which is why I host those decals on my cars. 

You'll see that naughty little Spoon N1 there too. Some noise maker! 

Available to order here ; SPOON N1

Honestly, since having a little B Series Honda back in my life, on the road I can use every day, its refreshing, its hilarious. I laugh everytime I drive it.

The memories this thing brings me is unrivalled with other car brands. 

I do truly love it, I'm excited to fit new parts to it later this week, which I will also try to document! 

Thank you all so much for checking back into this blog! I will try my best to bring it back with some consistent material for everyone. 

 6TWO1 TEN YEAR Clothing line is now coming to an end & pricing reflects it. Thank you all for your support. 

Ten fucking years.