I can only appologies to Izzy for how long this has taken to get online, I have had the photos edited for so long but because of the storage folder I had put them in on flickr I forgot to post them and that is the honest reason!. Izzy came along to my hotel in NJ whilst I was over for Honda Day last year, with John who owns the ARC Themed DC5 ! Feature can be seen here : John's ARC DC5 Enkei Wheel Izzy's DC5 is once again another stunning example of what USA has to offer, cars of this quality really are the norm out there in the show area's and the show area's are huge! His Choice of RPF1's in the J's Racing teal is a timeless selection... rear shot / asr Under the rear we have an ASR Brace finished in NeoChrome & a Ktuned Exhaust System... reacro interio Red Recaro's from a JDM Dc5 Type R May seem common to us here in the UK But that's because we're treated to being able to have them out of the box, DC5 TypeR's are rare in the USA which means the parts for them are expensive & Hard to get hold of.... Steering wheel Beautiful Nardi Wheel which is actually available here : //www.PureCarModify.com/product-category/Nardi-steering-wheels/ Shot of hub Neo chrome NRG shot hub also looked awesome tucked away behind the Nardi... engine shot 1 Glitter effect on the rocker cover really glistened in the NJ Sun, along with the Downstar Spikes on the valve cover ... Top view of bay Close up passenger side Angled front Top1 Motors is also a new brand we are working with, and Izzy has the DC5 front lip on his car, I also loved the Bumper release he has, I need some for my own car... leveled front straight wheeled side shot From the side the car looks beautiful, I would love to see a Type R Wing on this also just to see how it suits the look!... front on   Thank you Izzy for coming to the Hotel out of your way and once again I'm so sorry for how long it took to get the photos online ! Engine- Custom chameleon powder coated valve cover Battery and fuse box relocated Abs delete Power steering delete Skunk2 70mm throttle body Custom 3.5" intake K-tuned fuel rail K-tuned 3in exhaust K-tuned race header K-tuned billet oil cap K-tuned Hall effect tps K-tuned dipstick K-tuned radiator cap K-tuned coil pack cover with billet plate Avid 70a motor mounts Downstar spike nuts Karcepts IACV block off plate RDX injectors Wrinkle black ported RBC intake manifold Hondata IMG Hondata Kpro Tuned at Absolute Proformance Interior/exterior- Kenwood head unit Nardi leather stitched steering wheel NRG neochrome quick release - Gen 2.0 Crown royal custom shift boot Blox neochrome shift knob Circuit hero neochrome shifter extender Wink mirror 35% tint Red DC5 type R recaro seats Cusco B pillar bars Neochrome fender washers Full A-spec lip kit Top1 splitter Fog lights Retrofitted 05-06 headlights with G37 projectors with G37-R shrouds with led backlight 5000k 55w HID kit Nokya yellow high beam bulbs Clear Sidemarker Jdm red honda badges ASR neochrome rear subframe brace Password JDM drilled and slotted rotors 17x9 +35 rpf1s powder coated teal with 245/40/17 hankook v12 Muteki neochrome lug nuts Tein SS coilovers SPC front and rear camber kit