J's building My First day in Osaka I decided to head down to J's racing. I've always bought into the J's brand, gone through the whole motions with the brand too, but I'm back and fully in love with their products. At my own store, we have a huge order waiting to be delivered, products for both of my cars awaiting to go on, I love it. I had to go down & see the shop & the builds they are now working on ! I arrived and entered the shop & was greeted very politely by all of those who were working! I asked if I could go in the workshop to take pictures, which was also answered with an "of course!!" rear accord This badass accord littered with J's racing's own parts I was told is not for competition but for Track days for Hisaaki Murakami the President of J's racing!! I realised these guys were not just about making the cash that other companies seem too, or the Glory of only competing in competition, but still about having fun with Honda's! Just like I am with 6TWO1. I loved it, which made me go spend a tonne of cash shortly after in their shop haha. Js rear blue This beautiful blue s2000 also fitted with various J's Racing parts was also in for some work. J's look after their customers cars as well as being able to supply the parts ! Yellow s2k yell s2k rearyellow rear yellow Auto Produce Prince S2000 ... WOW Scooters line up rear ek Customers EK9 was also in for some J's Racing love! Js Previous Style J's Racing Calipers.. FN2 Competition car front rear FN2 J's Racing Competition car... It's funny to see it with Euro written under the Type R badge, but they are called the Euro Type R obviously because they are built in Swindon ! Jazz Js I had a great time at J's racing. It was awesome ! I cant wait to re-visit ! Also, We are J's Racing Suppliers, if its not listed on the website please email me adam@PureCarModify.com You will be able to see a walk around on the Japan Specials of Honda Diaries which are launching in the coming weeks. Thanks for looking !