I understand there are a lot of photos in this blog post that may be downloaded & shared however you see fit, honestly I dont mind this but all I ask is you do not remove my logo from the photos, its so we can keep allowing others to know where they can find more content like what you are enjoying. It is also very annoying to see someone take your photo, purposely remove your logo and share it as there own. It's just annoying and its one of the reasons my blogging side slowed down. I dont have any issues with any accounts posting the photos but please, do not remove my logo. Lug nuts advert So, I know its about 9 Months since these photos were taken, but I honestly have not been able to bring myself to post them. This day was the single best day of my life, the Japan trip I took was the best 10 days of my life, at a period in my life where on a personal level not a whole lot was going right for me, my time in Japan put a huge smile on my face. It made me find true happiness in the rawest form. I guess posting this blog brings all of that trip to a close in some way. How this was set up, I still smile about now. On my first night in Osaka eating with the OsakaJDM/Fivemart guys and girls, JC from work wheels invited me to a drift event on the Sunday of my stay. Kazu interrupted him and said in Japanese that there was a Honda track day on and he wanted me to go along. Obviously, I appreciated JC's invite but we all know where my heart lies and I agreed to Kazu that I would go along with him; He then said I'd be driving. DRIVING?! I couldn't believe it, I was beaming from ear to ear. Saturday you can see us sorting the car out here at the ASLAN garage premises : //www.PureCarModify.com/aslan-japan-PureCarModify.com/ I'm also at this point going to post a link to the chronicles, Joey knows more indepth about these cars & their histories than I do, im not going to sit here and rip off his work, his words or what he has done in research. So please take some time at the end of this blog to head back to his website and check out the history behind these cars : //stickydiljoe.com/2015/02/13/the-chronicles-osaka-2015-coveragepart-4-late-night-osaka-civic-gathering/ What I want in this blog is for you to imagine, you're with me. Just walking around and enjoying the cars. Like I mentioned previously, I don't know much about them & for me being out there at this point with no translator, just the small amount we could take between each other it was very difficult for me to find anymore out. But it did amaze me how willing these guys were to have me on board of the day, Honda's are one language, we communicated the best we could and had a great time. I hope you enjoy the photos... A lot of the cars from my post I was told were part of No Good Racing team. HARNESS ADVERT That morning was a super early start, I think it was around 4:30am I was in the Integra on the way to Fivemart. With the car loaded up and us stocked up on Mcdonalds breakfast (same everywhere by the way, so good) we headed off on the 2 hour drive ... driving Dr Spoon What a sight to see first thing, I wasnt aware on who was joining us that day, but this gave me a hint.. EF Fueling up the EF Shell nakayama As we pulled into the track i got this pretrack day buzz. Its hard to explain, but for those who know...know Joes I was very excited by the cars that were there when we arrived, I couldn't believe my luck! Eg B18C Yellow EG with carbon front wings & bonnet, fitted with Enkei RPF1's up front..... EF This Green EF, its story can be seen on Stickydiljoe. EF EF EF EF EG This B18C was in the Yellow EG with carbon front end.. Hondas E-AT Black E-AT BLk E-AT Seeing The Array of cars these guys used out on track was awesome... these 2 E-AT 3rd Gen Civic's were amazing. I loved seeing them out. Spoon Spoon Spoon Themed EK9 Ek9 I kept being told this was "the Bosses" Ek9. Whether it was a true EK9 I do not know, but It did have a B16b in the bay. E-AT DA Integra this DB8 was not out on track, but it was a beautiful build. EAT CRX Civic If you check out the half helmet on the roof of the car, you will see the rules at Nakayama are not as strict as I thought they were going to be, nor were the noise regulations. Almost all of these cars had what seemed like straight through exhaust systems & were very, very loud. I drove around half the day with windows open too due to how warm it was! EF9 This was the little beast of an EF9 I had the absolute pleasure of thrashing round the track. Spoon EG EK9 Lug nuts advert Joe Joe Joe's Ek-K20 has become an internet celebrity in itself in recent months following on from Joey's posts. To me, its a great thing. Cars like this will inspire the next generation of Honda tuners. It comes to a point where some people in the Honda tuning world want to move on to something different, whether it be RWD, AWD or something german and on air ride, we are always needing new people to come step up and take their place. Car's like Joe's EK is one which may inspire someone to go out and purchase their first Honda, so to me, that's awesome. rear Nogood EAT EG EG HARNESS ADVERT CRX CRX EF EK E|K EF EF I took a few passenger laps with Kazu from Osaka JDM driving and I wont lie, as a terrible passenger sat in this 1989 Civic going round this track as fast as we were I was terrified, although I was trying to remember his lines & breaking points as this track is TIGHT and it is unforgiving, either side of you is either a wall of a mountain or concrete barriers.... proper old school feel... Spo1 Banzai Honda today C Honda City going around... TODAY Honda Today going around Banzai Banzai Attack EG ready to go out.... DC2 DC2 C2 Dc2 Type R... EG 350 EK EK Ek Scooby There were more than just Honda's there, but you really wouldn't have known if you were not paying too much attention.. EF EF Kazu out in the EF VW This was so cool to see going around! DC5 DC5 DC5 Type R EAT E E-at looked sick out on track.. KEI CAR EG EK EF At lunch I went for a walk around again to see what else had turned up through out the day... DB8 GOLF DC5 HARNESS ADVERT City City City Engine Erear So friggin cool to see this little Honda City dc2 Spoon VW red ek eg EG EF JOE EK EAT DC DC Today joe Ek eat EG EG EG EAT VW EK DC EK EK .Spoon EAT EKS EG EAT eAT EK EF DC EK Ek EG EG Lug nuts advert C EF EF EF EF EF EF helmet Watch tower I really hope you've enjoyed the photos.. I honestly had the best day of my entire life and I owe it all to Kazu from Fivemart / Osaka jdm. If you enjoyed it, please give this post a share too! I filmed the entire thing which you can see on youtube here : My plan for this year is to pick the blog back up and get it running more frequently again, so I hope to feature a lot more of your cars on here! Adam 6TWO1 HARNESS ADVERT Lug nuts advert