Well, if award for overdue post was a thing, this would win it! way back earlier this year, May to be exact. Japfest 2013 happened. I had actually managed to publish a video about it on the youtube : But unbeknown I also did get a photo set. I had origionally planned on not posting this, due to the amount of time these posts take I was just going to leave it. But tonight I have a free evening, all the pictures I want to show are edited & I think its time that this post made it live. So the story begins, I meet up with my big homie tattoo man Pete, (Instagram @Pwizzzzle) at his house, saying to him we have 1 hour before we leave for the show, I turn up and his car is floating. No wheels, he states to me "going to buffer it" what an idiot, he's had hours to get this car ready and he does it before I want to leave for the huge journey to Simon Bucknell's (Instagram @SiVTi) house who had kindly given us a place to sleep for the evening. Pwiz car Richard (Instagram @Richardrfo) was also joining us for this weekend in his CRX SiR. We had a nice little convoy planned & I was actually looking forward to it. I had plastered my EG in horrible stickers to advertise my show impact & The speedstore, but it was planned and we were all excited. crx rear So that planned convoy of our 3 Beloved honda soon became just a dream, my clutch went on the EG just before I even made it out of Colchester so I told the other 2 that I was going to go get my daily and would meet them back at our set meeting point. On my way, I get a phone call from Richard saying that his clutch has just gone on his CRX also, so he was hoping in with Pete! haha 3 becomes 1 Honda & a Bmw. But hey ho, we made the long long journey to Si's house to chill for the night with Chinese food & CKY Dvds. The next morning came and we were up super early, Marty had been kind enough to lend me a seat in his MX5. Pete & Si fuel'd up .... Si Si's Mugen kitted DC5... Si & Pete 2 generations of Integra's .... Si Si standing watch... We met up with the rest of the crew we were on the stand with at a local morrisons Sis Once we were in, we all parked up & upon my stroll I stumbled over Benny Ree's EG. first time I had got to see it in real life... eg Someone having a hard time on the track... smoke Benny coming off the track after his session ... ben The poor fella from the Smoke pic... scoob Matt Howards K Swapped Phoenix Yellow DC2 ... Kswa dc2 rear Incredible Evo ! Carbon Everything & RE30's.. evo 900Bhp R35 GTR gtr Parked up in the club areas were a lot of very eye catching Honda clubs, these guys stole the show for me. The old Honda S-Bodies... stunning Stunning S800... Racer Amazing race ready S800 coupe Pristine Coupe... EK9.org crew showed up in NUMBERS ek9 Andy Boyle's Ek9 in its previous guise.. Always fresh this EK9 ek9 EK( ek Subaru Impreza Hawkeye ... sub Toyota Supra on CCW's... Supra ccw Championship White EP3... ep3 ITR-DC5 were out in force also! Some incredible examples of DC5's... mgeun Black Mugen Kit, Rays wheels, Kevlar bonnet... dc Ben Moore's DC5... da Dan's DC5 milano Sucker for Milano DC5's...The one that got away... integra FD2 stalking in the middle of the DC5's... fd Closer look at the FD2..... J's DC5 J's Racing Kitted DC5..... Super Cool Nissan Micra.... micra A different model but still awesome! micra Beautiful Mugen kitted FN2 & i love the Mugen stripe down the middle... There were many other nice examples but all parked so close together I couldnt get any workable images... mugen EP3 with a nice stance... ep3 James' K20 EG.... ek9 R-Motion's K Swapped EG Race car.. race eg Stunning Phoenix Yellow DC2 with the Yellow Recaro's Equipped! yelow Black EK4 SiR... ek Chesh's Dc2.. dc2 Another pic of Si's DC5.... dc5 Simon's DA... DA Nice CRX.... crx Red EG rocking one of the 6TWO1 large banner stickers! eg eeg Nice Jordan on Purple Rotas... Front Also repping 6TWO1! ekj Scoob with a stunning Orange paint job.. orange Gems Milano DC5.. dc5 Lightning Mcqueen MR2! mr2 Accord with a stunning brown respray res Love this EK rocking the PureCarModify.com decal,beautiful colour car ! .. ek After this, the wind was really starting to ruin the day. It was getting really cold & we called it a day. Si took me back in his DC5 & what a car that is! I only had my Iphone to hand sadly so I dont have any good videos!! one day we will! Thank you for reading this little look back at Japfest 2013 ! Hope you enjoyed the re-cap... ad1