This post is one I want to make good, because the owner, Jack Kelly & his girlfriend Laura Reilly both looked after me all week, making sure photoshoots were in place, and making sure I stayed entertained & fed in our down time!


We took photos of Jack's DC2 Type R before the Honda Day event, which was lucky as Jack wrecked his pristine front lip by Spoon Sports which we supplied him! Its one of those unforutnate events that can take place on a race track, but at least it was only a lip! 



The DC2 is lowered on aftermarket coilover suspension & sits on 16 x 8 J Regamaster Evo's up front ET35 and 16 x 7 et45 on the rear, finished in Black to keep with the Spoon theme! Wrapped in Advan AD08R's.


The front brakes have been upgraded to Accord Type R brakes, for additional stopping power. 

I love the side profile of the DC2. I'm not going to lie to you guys, im very tempted to sell the DC5 for one of these...

What a picture.... I love it.


Its a shame Jack's Spoon lip met its maker at Honda Day, it does look beautiful here...


Up at the rear, you have a Spoon N1 we supplied him and Skunk2 LCA's. 

The Car makes a serious noise and pops some big flames, we have a whole video dedicated to this car on the youtube channel - So head over and get subscribed and await the feature video we have to show!

I have to thank Jack, Laura & Jamie once again for looking after me whilst I was over there, looking forward to getting the gang back together for the 6TWO1 Honda meet on 4th September !