Flashback in time to 2013. I arrive at a small little hotel in East brunswick at 11pm at night, a couple of days before Honda day. I know no one, I use the following day to hang out with a friend in New York & with a night of doing sweet F-A ahead of me I do not rush. Upon my return I see some Hondas have arrived & await the following day to have a walk around, meet the owners & introduce myself!. One car really stood out to me. It was a grey EG6 on bronze Regamasters. I'm a sucker for any car on Rega's but on an EG & I am in heaven. advert for coilovers I was slightly nervous as all these guys were sat around the back having some beers and food, but I checked out the EG. I was only nervous as I was out there on my own, but I hear a friendly boston Accent shout over "you checkin out those regas huh!!". The voice belonged to Jerry Dale, who had come down with a group of guys to Honda day. Instantly we got chatting about our cars and over the weekend I became good friends with Jerry & the rest of his group! Funnily enough, they met in the same situation a few years before! I stayed in contact with him over the year & made sure we both booked into the same hotel so we could hang out again. Back to the more recent past & I awoke on the Friday before Honda Day 2014. Headed down to get some breakfast & I see the crew all arriving & settling into their room! After the initial greetings I asked Jerry if i could borrow him & snap a few pictures of his car. Jerrys story with the EG is awesome, he has owned the EG since it was BRAND NEW!! yep! he is the ONE and ONLY owner of this car you see! It will be his 20th year Anniversary this Halloween ! Eg front The front of his EG hosts a Backyard special lip, which is stunning. I love these! EG EG Here you can see the 16 X 8 Regamasters fitted to the the Type R 4x114.3 Hub Swap in their full Glory.. The car is resprayed a BMW Grey... rear On the rear you see the Carbon Spoon Sports Spoiler & the updated rear lights BWR Subframe & LCA's... advert for coilovers Tucked under the hood is this absolute powerplant... Racetek custom exhaust manifold... Fully built H22 Turbo pushing out 425bhp @ 15PSI Interior is kept nice & simple.. Black JDM Recaro's, Takata 4 Point harnesses and an ITR Steering wheel are in the cabin, along with the dials needed to keep check on information the Engine is feeding back to the driver. I'm really glad I got to do some photos of Jerrys car for the blog. Last year we were so rushed we didnt get chance, I hope you've enjoyed it! advert for coilovers Fully built h22,precision sc61 turbo,skunk 2 valve spring and retainer,comp.clutch twin disc,quafe, 96 ITR 4 lug, 16 by 8 Desmond rega's bronze, jdm ITR recaros ,jdm rear ITR seat,takata 4 point harness,d2 coil overs, backyard special carbon front lip,spoon duck bill carbon, ITR steering wheel, 3 inch exhaust, 96 accord front caliper and rotor ( 11 inch) , yokahama s drives, darton sleeves, JE pistons, benon B pillar bar.. Bwr control arms and frame connector! Bosh 1000 cc injectors,