DOWNWTR Another car from the Mezurashii Shoot & the one on show is a Honda Civic EM1 SiR Canadian import Coupe. Owned by Josh, who like all other Mezuarshii members loves fine, rare parts & isn't shy about running them on his car. front I for starters absolutely love the EBP Paint on the coupe. I think it is a stunning shade of blue... Mixed with the silver re-barrelled Regamasters, it is one stunning combination Em1 side on Em1 Frnt wheel   The Parking pole is one like i've never seen before! Mezurashii loves their rare & unique parts... rear qy   Parking pole on the trunk too.. rear wheel ariel Close up of the Park pole.. mirror Vision technica dc mirrors are a stunning & subtle exterior modification... willy Very strange choice for a dustcap but hey, made me laugh ! rear Function7 holding the rear down rear car looks so amazing from the rear! rear front quater   Same can be said from the front, I love the look re-barreled Regamasters... front Front front front rear trunk pole   Another strange yet wonderful add on is this Rear Trunk Pole   stickers Showing Respect to a fallen friend... interior Mr Spoon Sports signed the interior of his car at Honda Day !   clocks SIR Cluser looks awesome & Very unique, I really liked this style not seeing one before... Air cleaner JDM Air cleaner! Wheel   Today is actually Josh's Birthday, so I'm glad i got to post these photos for him today!   Thank you for viewing! Motor oem b16 all stock Interior Recaro evo8 seats Nardi torino steering wheel (signed by spoon) Ktuned b series shifter Oem jdm air vent coin pocket Oem jdm shifter boot Oem jdm airbag delete tray Oem jdm roof mounted air purifier Oem canadian spec siR cluster Oem jdm radio block off plate (signed by spoon) Oem jdm ek9 cupholders Oem jdm radio lower console ashtray Oem floormats Suspension/wheels Ground control coilovers / koni yellows Full function 7 lca and subframe Skunk2 front and rear camber kits Custom rebarreled 16in regamaster evo wheels Exterior mods Vision technica dc mirrors Oem jdm honda access trunk parking pole Oem jdm honda access front parking pole (super rare) Oem jdm vi-rs chrome headlights Oem jdm ek9 fenders Oem jdm clear sidemarkers Oem jdm thin side moldings Oem jdm ek9 window visors Oem optional rear lip   <a href="//"><img alt="" src="" /></a>