GODZILLA INVADES SOUTH MIMMS badge I may only still be 23, but I have been on a forum called Civiclife.net for about 6 years now. I first joined up when I got my first car which was an EP2. Kadir has been a member, turned Administrator on that website since way before I even joined. He goes back in the Honda scene before I even had my licence. He first came to my attention with this K20 EG9 Sedan, back when I first started attending meets, a K-swap over here in England was not common. Infact I can only remember seeing this as Paul (Ceasar's) EG a long with it. EG9 For the last few years on Civiclife I have been exchanging messages with Kadir about doing photoshoots of both of his weapons. Front GTR 1 It has been a challenge, haha but finally by complete accident I managed to get him to allow me a few moments with his amazing V-Spec GTR. Rear GTR 1 REAR GTR Just as I was leaving Mimms a few cars I had not seen through the day caught my eye, so I swung in due to the dismay of Harv & zak who just wanted to go home at this point. I did what any good friend would and ignored their wishes to cater for my own. GTR 1 I saw Kadir's GTR to seized the moment to get a few photos of it. Kadir then came into my field of vision so I jokingly said to him "Told ya I'd get it one day!". GTR front side It is obvious when you meet Kadir that he is an enthusiast. This car is OCD clean, when I was looking around it, it did not even have a fingerprint on it. That is how clean it was. He was also very quick to show me one of his newest modifications on the car, a Zealous handcrafted Titanium bonnet stay. Bonnet stay Managed to sneak a quick engine shot too. Look at the size of the Nismo R-Tune Air duct for the intake haha. Oh my god. Engine Detailed shot of the Headlight.. headlight Nismo adjustable Spoiler. Spoiler Spoiler The Mines Silence VX Pro Titan 2 cat back exhaust system looks awesome and completely at home on the GTR. It is also a much lighter exhaust system rather than the standard factory set up allowing for better turbo flow distribution. Saving almost 10KG's over the standard system. Exhaust That famous rear clusters.... Rear cluster rear cluster The 19 x 9.5 ET12 Volk Racing CE28's are not only THE perfect fitment, but are also one of the most sought after, famous wheels in the industry. I cannot stress enough how many people I know who own japanese cars from Hondas to Lexus strive so hard to afford a set of these in their desired fitment. Rays Engineering really have proven themselves as one of, if not the best wheel manufacture for racing wheels out there. Just look at them... Wheels Huge air duct on the side of the front bumper. Air duct Inside the cockpit you will find Kadir has replaced the standard clocks with a brand new set of Nismo 320KMH Combo clocks. Nismo clocks The OEM R34 GTR Bucket seats...Not a mark on them, you can see the Domo who along with its fellow little penguin friend and a Hello Kitty Badtz-Maru to safe guard the car from all the nasty people out there.. GTR SEAT vspec Nissan A few moments passed of me being absorbed by the sheer presence of the car, Kadir kindly said he would move it out of the way for me to get a few shots of it on its own. (Being at a car meet, I wasnt the only opportunist guy with a camera there, so expect a few of these photos be doing the rounds by other photographers, most probably more skilled than I am haha) ADVERT K giving it a brief wipe down GTR Kadirclean Kadir has owned the GTR for 5 years now. He purchased the car after the passing of his father. His father had owned numerous amounts of turbo Nissan's so Kadir believes that he would have absolutely loved the GTR. GTR Front GTR Front low GTRCloseup Kadir says next up on his never ending list of modifications for the GTR is upgrading the brakes, but the car isnt going anywhere so there is no rush! GTR I asked Kadir regarding the power out put. frnt Power output I am not sure about as she stands presently although a dyno printout was amongst some of the paperwork when I purchased the car and that had a reading of 376bhp in stock format.. But no readings recently.. Rear R34 GTR The Nissan GTR is a true Japanese Legend. The R34 is one of the finest examples of Nissans creditably in building super cars, any car enthusiasts doesnt need that telling twice. Kadir is a true gentleman, very polite, very friendly and very humble of what he has. I cannot think of a more fitting car for such guy. Side GTR front GTR rear Front Kadir would like to thank a few people who have become an asset to his build, in no particular order.. New Era Parts, for the Nismo parts & Volk CE28s - I have also delt with these myself and they are a fantastic company. front 2 NickM - Formally a Mines dealer. light Zealous & Abbey Motorsports Polished Bliss for the what I can only imagine is an endless supply of detailing car care products haha. rear And of course, Jenny. For the un-rivaled support she has given through out the whole project. Rear I know this has been something slightly different from what you're used to seeing on here. But it was too good not to show you. Hope you enjoyed it. Spec list : - Nismo aeroparts - Nismo S-Tune suspension system - Nismo stabiliser bars front and rear - 19x9.5 ET 12 Volk Racing CE28 - Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta 265-30-19 - Mines Silence VX Pro Titan 2 catback exhaust system - Mines Ti Super Catalyzer - Mines Front Pipe Pro - Mines cooling panel - Zealous handcrafted Titanium bonnet stay - Nismo R-Tune air cleaner duct - Uprated Nismo air filter - Nismo shift lever - Nismo 320 km/h combination cluster Black - Spare Nismo mats kept at home ad1 //www.PureCarModify.com/product-category/merchandising-clothing/impact/