DOWNWTR The final Photo set of the Mezurashii Crew is of Jose's Girlfriends car. Front Frpmt sode Custom Purple BBS RM's really compliment against the green, two colours i'd not have thought would have gone together if I hadn't seen it first hand ... Side Side on shows the Civic sat at a lovely ride height, it cannot be sat on the floor as it has a B18 swap tucked under the bonnet... Front wheel rear rear Clear tails are a signature of the Mezurashii Crew.... rearside Bay B18 powerplant.... Wheel bbs wheels custom purple grip royal steering wheel sir bumpers full wire tuck all bolts from downstar Koney yellows with ground control Full purple function control arms k tune shifter with down star spike Bbs are 15 by 9 in the rear and by 8 in the front DOWNWTR