Photos & Write up by Daniel James Silvester @dannydc2 (Instagram) Mimms Honda Day is now onto it's third location. Bluewater Glow is nothing short of beautiful as far as locations go. When was the last time you went to a show and found yourself parked indoors on carpet? It's no longer the cheap service station KFC binge we all previously loved, with the hard work and determination of EHM the meet has grown into a show that the UK Honda Community needs to be proud of. I've heard arguments that the meet has lost its touch since moving on from the service station. I don't think that's true. Mimms has evolved, it needed to. Remoulding into a Honda Day style meet has done the world of good for the backbone of the scene, not only for the people out there sinking their wages into their cars, but also for the distributors out there like DSC_0167.jpg This blog isn't going to be about products or Honda Day politics, I just want to share some of the cars that were on show that day. It's fair to say that the quality of cars was outstanding once again. People from all over Western Europe turned up early Sunday morning to get their cars on show. With the smell of quick detailer and tyre shine in the air, I went out to get some pictures. The first car that caught my eye after arriving upstairs was this Supersonic Blue EK4. DSC_0187.jpg That Spoon yellow valve cover looks the tits contrasting against the blue paint. I'm also a big fan of the tyre paint, very racekor. DSC_0189.jpg Andy Boyle's EK9 is a car that needs no introduction. It's rare that you see an array of so many genuine parts, on such a clean body. 1528 DSC_0191.jpg This K20 EG was parked on the EHM stand. Cool colour. DSC_0193.jpg You know I've never really looked at Blue DC5s before. This though... Gold RPF1 on a blue body really shouldn't work, but it really really does. Perfect in fact. Naughty number boards though! DSC_0223.jpg It was hard not to gasp after seeing the girth on these Regas. If my memory serves me correct inside there were 2 Recaro Pole Positions in red too. Purrrrfect DC5. 652 DSC_0197.jpg I know this colour has been done before on other cars, but that doesn't stop it standing out. Very very unique FN2. DSC_0200.jpg Sick Jazz sat on a set of our Whistler Wheels. DSC_0202.jpg RPF1 love. DSC_0203.jpg Sam's Carbon EP3. Was happy to see this car at the show as it's had some issues over the last year or so. Now's time to track it Sam! DSC_0205.jpg Keiran's Milano Red 98 Spec DC2. Spot the Spoon brakes? I think there were about 10 tegs on display, most of them white. It's always good to see them in a rarer colour. DSC_0207.jpg Brad's DC2 which has just recently come out of hibernation. Loved the fender/wheel combo on this. DSC_0217.jpg In the distance you can see Ben's K20 EG, which won car of the show. DSC_0216.jpg DSC_0208.jpg BYS Bumpers always look so happy. DSC_0211.jpg Steve's K20 DC2 was looking fresh! Nice to meet you mate. DSC_0213.jpg Leon's perfect EG6 from the Netherlands. DSC_0214.jpg Super clean K20 EG. DSC_0215.jpg DSC_0212.jpg ...but as we all know an ITB B Series is still the shit. DSC_0218.jpg Kane's 'Kanjo' EF. DSC_0221.jpg Alex's mean S2000. Thanks for letting me have a sit in the new seats! DSC_0251.jpg This was the first time I'd seen this DC5. Pretty cool! Type S if I'm not mistaken? Moving outside I saw these super clean tegs parked together. DSC_0225.jpg Then this Sedan which looks to be sat on some Whistler Wheels! DSC_0226.jpg DSC_0227.jpg Jon's UK DC2 looked the tits with the USDM sidelights. DSC_0229.jpg This EK is sat on coilovers and has a Osaka JDM sun strip. Thumbs up from us. Back inside this Spoon'd up Jordan was getting so much attention I could only just get a picture of it's nose! DSC_0232.jpg How about some clean bays? DSC_0237.jpg DSC_0239.jpg There's something really admirable to me about a clean engine bay. Mainly because it's something I've never had personally. After seeing the two above I'm making it one of my 2015 plans. The second car is a friend of ours Ben's. Some good JAE memories with that lad. DSC_0241.jpg I did get a better picture of this car, showing its monstrous turbo, but unfortunately it was totally out of focus. You can just about see the turbo creeping out the bay though! Mental. DSC_0242.jpg DSC_0245.jpg One of the coolest cars of the day was this yellow S2000 for me. Super Saiyan cool. 939 DSC_0250.jpg Fyse's UK DC2 on CCW. DSC_0253.jpg Louisa's CRZ on new wheels, very nice. DSC_0255.jpg K20 FKU, standard. Back downstairs this EK looked fresh! DSC_0261.jpg DSC_0264.jpg Back on the stand Vince's Accord was setting the scene, in more ways than one... DSC_0272.jpg The EG6. DSC_0273.jpg This EG looked perfect white on white. Bet it's a pain to get it this clean! I tip my hat to the owner. DSC_0275.jpg There were quite a few sets of Spoon calipers on show, more than last Mimms for sure. DSC_0277.jpg Beautiful Coupe. DSC_0278.jpg Turbo DC2. DSC_0279.jpg DSC_0280.jpg Amazing EP3 and S2000 on the Injection stand. DSC_0164.jpg My DC2. Josh's DC5 Josh's DC5 on Gold RPF1. DSC_0166 DSC_0283.jpg This EG was the controversial car of the day for me. There's no doubting it looks phenomenal, I really hope to see a beast of an engine get installed into this thing and to see it on track next year. That wraps up my pics. Sorry if I didn't get a pic of your car. I think most will agree the lighting inside wasn't the best for photos especially downstairs and without a tripod! Noob mistake on my behalf. Still an excellent day though, very well organised EHM. Can't wait for the next one!