Okay dudes, welcome to my newest car! 

If you follow my youtube channel, you'll have seen I recently got my first ever RWD Turbo car!  I sold my beautiful Dc5 Type R To a great dude and I picked up this beast! 

She's by no means "mint" and will not be a collectors item. But its exactly what I wanted. After having such a low milage, pristine DC5 for so long & really not wanting to put it in any form of danger of damage or devalument, i needed to get something that was exactly what I wanted. I wanted a proper, proper skid car. And I think i got one.

It was at Mimms I knew the love affair with my Dc5 was over. I was sat out on track waiting to go on, and I just knew this wasnt where i get my enjoyment anymore. Since I started drifting, my heart is set on it. Don't get me wrong, i love my hondas, I love my eg's and I cannot wait to be banging through the gears in the Track EG when its ready. But having so many cars which basically do the same thing just in a different dress, I needed to have a change up and Im so glad I did.


The only really frustrating thing about the Nissan is that its so bloody wide! I have to remove the front bumper and side skirts off the car & put it on the 17s to transport it around which is annoying but a price I will pay for now. 


But when its together, I think its just so beautiful. I love it. I have so much to tell you guys about this car, but that will have to wait for now. or check out the Youtube channel and see what I've had to say so far!...


Check out my first drift day in the car here!