I've been really trying to source cars through all my contacts to feature that may be appealing to those who follow what I do. 

The blog is obviously not my main priority and I’ll tell you why. Now 6TWO1 is mainly webstore, we needed a better operating system to host it on, so we changed to opencart. Their blog options are HORRIBLE. I hate it, its awful. The blogging process is a nightmare.


So I am going to just try and supliment the youtube features with Photosets instead of diving into the builds, it will just be some nice photos from the day.

But I am trying to do something for everyone, especially the owners who come down to hang out! 

The Youtube supplements the Blog, it makes it so much easier for me to get the information out for you. So check that out if you want a spec list! But here are the photos from the day from Nitin with his awesome Prelude. 

Thanks for looking and i hope you like the images!