Here at 6TWO1 We're exactly like you. We love building cars. We love buying our dream products & we also know how hard it can be to save for what you like, Wether it be money needing to go on rent, or money going out on many other things, it can be difficult and dream products feel like they will be staying just a dream. We're currently awaiting our licence to supply finance to you, but until then we can also offer a payment plan. Monthly installments on orders of payments that will Suit you! 6TWO1 EG The only down side to this, is you will NOT get the part until its fully paid for. But this does mean that, lets for example use a set of our Coilovers : Price: £600 Payment plan price : £200 x 3 So over 3 months, you'd pay off the goods via a standing order on our bank accounts, as soon as that final payment goes in, I send you the products! This is just another way we're trying to grow to help you guys out. So if this is something you would be interested in, drop us an Email! and we can start you payment plan today! Mirror can be seen here!