I completely forgot I'd taken these photos for Pete as I'd sent him them instead of putting them up on the blog! So best I finally post them up here.... one afternoon he came up to the shop in his Dc2 which, at the time was going through its run in period. Pete 1 Pete's Dc2 is one of our marquee cars which lays host to our coilovers... Pete 2 What a beautiful car my boy Pwizzle has built. I'm fortunate enough to have supplied a lot of the parts you see on this car, only ones that he has that are not from me, I couldn't get at the time... Cusco Cusco Front tow hook Engine Engine Engine The engine, fully built b18c, has unfortunately gone pop again, so we're now helping him get it back rebuilt ready to race around again... CE28 His CE28n's he has are held on by our 7075 Alli lug nuts, he bought off me my spare lugs so he didn't run the lockers as at the time our lockers wouldnt go over extended wheel bolts, but thats all changed on the next shipment. Mugen Titanium Mugen badges Rear Rear spoiler Nardi Nardi 330mm wheel we supplied him, available in our online store Wheels Carbon Raemco Racing seats, only pair in europe... Pete, since the engine blew up was going to part it out and buy something else. But has taken the decision to get stuck back in and rebuild, we got you pete!