Pete has become one of my brothers. Through endless hours slaving away in my garage working on our cars, sharing stories and just generally annoying each other. Its been fantastic to get to know him, also, its been terrible, but mainly fantastic. Bit of back story, when I first met Pete, probably like most of you, I thought he was a complete dick. He walked up to my DC5 at the time while I was at a garage getting some work done and simply went "Oh, dc5, heard these are pretty slow" then walked off. Not really understanding his humour, or he understanding I have a huge barrier up to strangers to allow them to "banter" me, I swiftly decided he wasn't my cup of tea. DC2 Well how times change, few years later I see him as one of my closest friends, and when I heard the news he'd blown up his DC2 Type R I was gutted for him. I told him I would help where I could whilst he decided what he was going to do, after some thought rebuilding it was the option he selected. DC2 Front DC2 Not just rebuilding the engine but revamping the whole look of the car too. Luckily for him, I for a living obviously supply car parts. So I was on hand for whatever he needed. At the time I couldn't supply Skunk2 which I now can, and he got that from a different supplier, but almost everything else on the car is from us at 6TWO1, of which he is firmly part of the team. One thing that was awesome for me was the day he rang me saying "gwan then" I honestly didn't clock what he was talking about, as normally with our conversations not much for the first 60 seconds make any form of real sense. Before long I realised he meant he wanted to change his previous coilovers to some of ours. Which was super sick, I was stoked. I'm actually proud of how Pete has battled on with the project. It's so close to being complete I cannot wait to see it finally hit up a track. DC2 side on The stance of the DC2 is achieved by combining 6TWO1 Coilovers with the strong Volk Wheel set up... I just want to make clear, Pete is by no mean's rich, he is by no means poor, he does have some strange tattoo's but that is his personal choice, but anyway... He's your hard working dude who wakes up early and finishes late, but everything you see on the car is genuine, he hasn't opted for the cheaper versions which, if you're a younger Honda enthusiast just starting your journey, should be something to aspire too in this game. He built the whole car, engine included out of the garage at his home with little to no experience when he started the project! Don't be afraid to fail. Rear  Mugen wing DC2 The DC2 is one of our show pieces at, not only are we so honoured to have been able to supply parts to Pete during the build, but because I am so close with him as a friend, and he chose to spend his own money on our Suspension system & Lug nuts, it really is so epic for me to see. I will be doing a full feature and video on this very soon. But both of us are very busy and I am shooting off to USA on Sunday (2nd August 2015) to attend Honda Day the following weekend & do some work over there in E-Town. So hopefully when I'm back we can create some more awesome content for you ! DC2