As I lay here reflecting on how horrible I feel to this re-occurring virus I have managed to pick up somewhere a long the line. I am using my time to browse other car blogs, facebook pages & all the rest of it. Obviously these are an common occurrence now, everyone with a DSLR camera with their own photography page. I have no hate. It's how I started. By no means do I say now (even after over a year of paid work in the field) do I even class my self as a photographer, I'm just a lad with a passion for Honda's who has worked hard enough to have earnt the money to pay for a half decent Camera. My equipment is all paid for, from magazine work I have done over the last year & half. Nothing else. Through out all of this though and getting deeper in the "scene" & 6TWO1 becoming more popular, whether it be via the facebook fan page or the site itself, I see way to much negativity. Way to much competitiveness & bitterness towards others success. I've always believed you get what you deserve. If you work hard enough, good things will happen. But you cant just sit there and wait for it, you have to go out and get it and if it doesn't happen for you it's probably because you don't deserve it or you're not good enough. I will always respect the feeling of those people who were here first, doing this before I even had my driving licence, before I even had my first DSLR Camera. But when the new guys who are bringing amazing content & the bigger names just brush them off, want nothing to do with them. Not even acknowledge the work they put in, that's what gets to me. It also gets me when these people who own a facebook page with a large following, who just go around posting other peoples pictures, start to congratulate photographers when THEY feature the photographers pictures. As if their opinion of something is actually putting anything of value into our scene, our culture. Who cares if you've liked some re-posting facebook page. Who cares? If it wasn't for the photographers out there earning fuck all money to do so many hours of traveling, on the job, the hours after editing the images getting them to their exact ideals for their images to put their own watermark on it, for some jackass to post it on a facebook page and congratulate them in a sarcastic way? Fuck those guys, I couldn't give two shits if some idiot likes my photo enough to send me a message "Well done your photo was featured on ******", How about, Fuck you and stop stealing my shit to get your own crappy Facebook page more Hype ?? How about you link my site, my Facebook page and stop being so arrogant, you can have 1,000,000 likes yet if you dont post a link to my site, no one will come looking, so why should I say thank you? Thanks for using my image to get tonnes of shares & likes which extend your fanbase more! yeah cheers man! Support the people who are out there spending their hard earned cash to bring you the features in the first place. "Your picture got 1000 likes what are you moaning about? It has your signature on it" Yeah 1000 Likes on your page. MY work that I own the rights too got YOU more likes, what % of people actually look at the signature & go oh cool i'll go there! Very few. To the people that support these Facebook pages, who buy their merchandise, do you even know what you're supporting? Once Facebook becomes obsolete like Myspace did, them pages & people will be gone, back into the shadows of the car meets where they once roamed as social media kings. They don't even have a crappy free blog that they can post pictures on. Why? Because if they did & post one of the photographers images without permission they can be liable for using someone else's trademarked work without permission to earn money for themselves that's why. It seems to me its now became a big popularity contest of who can make the catchiest Facebook page name. If Stanceworks can take 2 minutes to find the 6TWO1 Facebook page and post a link in the picture, why cant you? Check people like Joey Lee of the Chronicles. Who allows his Japanese tuning based friends, space on his website to post their amazing content too. This is how it should be, linking and giving people the stage they need to show the world what they're capable of. He also shares many images of his Australian friends unbelievable car builds, but rarely will he post it up without a link to where you can see more, who took the images or anything similar. Don't get me wrong, there are many pages out there who will always link back to the photographers original content & those are the pages & People who help push forward the content owners profiles. People like JDMGram on instagram is a great platform for anyone who's content is attention grabbing enough to be put on there & we need these people! But to the ones who simply just steal content to get enough likes to sell a few crappy stickers these are the people we can do without. Next up on my rant whilst I'm ill is people giving me nasty comments regarding Honda Diaries, let me explain what Honda diaries is. Its a bit of fun. It is how I have chosen to document my car build, instead of doing a tonne of pictures & posting on a few forums, its a way for me to keep everything in one place, so I dont loose track because I enjoy re-watching what I have done to my car, I always do read back my old build threads as they're great memories. I've had comments of people saying I'm on crack? That they're cringing whilst they're watching? Well if you dont like it, dont watch it. I post it on the pages what I own, or have admin rights over. No others, im not asking anyone else to repost it, if they have reposted it, its because they have enjoyed it. By you trying to put the videos & me down, it effects me all of zero. As it is how I've chosen to document my build and if it entertains people then that is friggin awesome. If people don't like it, you do not have to watch them. There are millions of other videos on youtube, go watch some funny cat videos or something.