Dear facebook pages who are here just to save the pictures to post to their page, I have no issue with this but please can you give credit by linking the facebook page which can be found here: Wow, I have been one busy guy recently. First off, Let me just say thank you to everyone who attended IMPACT. What an AWESOME day we had!! I have already got notes about what i want to change next year, and what I want bigger & better. I do have a post to be made for that, pictures are all edited. For now I am just trying to catch up on what I was doing before Impact. I like to post things periodically, but this time I will have to make an exception. What you see below is Robert's NSX. Robert lives in Los Angeles, I first met the car (not the owner) at The Chronicles meet late last year. I took a photo and the owner of the car somehow found his way to my facebook and liked the picture, wanted it on a poster & we exchanged a few emails to get that sorted. I learn't I would be heading back out to Los Angeles for the Annual Eibach Honda meet, Robert initially thought he would also be there so we agreed to exchange the poster at the meet. Some time passed & plans changed which ment Robert would no longer be at the meet, but instead he offered to swing by my hotel and grab it, meaning we could also get some pictures. Not knowing the area at all I suggested Santa Monica pier, as that is the only land mark I knew in the area. Robert rolled up with his crew West Collective after the Eibach meet, I wont lie I was frackin exhausted but I guess seeing this group of cars (Acura NSX, BMW E92 3 Series, 350Z & 7 Series All slammed on nice wheels, clean bodyworks, carbon parts) roll up to collect me got my adrenaline pumping. We rolled down to the pier and it was shut due to being at max capacity haha. So that was my ideas gone as I knew no where else. We stopped to grab a quick drink, then one of the guys remembered a spot where they had done some pictures before in downtown Los Angeles. For a little English country boy like me this sounded awesome, considering I was shotgun in the NSX, crusing around Downtown LA near on Midnight sounded awesome. And it was. We parked up in this...well I dont even know what the correct term is for it. But it was cool, Nice lighting. I set to work on the NSX - I do have images of the other 3 but not full shoots. I will post those another day. front Robert has a background of Honda's. He used to be into his civic's before venturing into the world of the NSX. front He very much prides himself on using Genuine parts front 1 You can see the NSX sat on staggered size & fitment Enkei RPF1's.  front 2 17x8 +45 on the front Rear 18 X 10 +38 on the rear rear 2 The wheels are wrapped in BFG KDW tyre's, these things give crazy grip. as you will hear in the video at the bottom of the post!! Rear 3 the Exhaust system is a combination of Comptech Header, Pride V1 Exhaust and SP=X Resonated Test Pipes. It sounds amazing, once again there is a video at the bottom of the page you can hear the sound. side On the rear the NSX has had the OEM JDM tail lights and the JDM third brake light Side 2 link 1 Rear side Whilst I was in the "Zone" taking photos of Roberts NSX, the other boys were doing a little movie, it was so cool for me to be in Los Angeles late at night doing all this. Just felt so surreal! side front sidefront2 Side front 1 front 2 Side front 3 front angle front side 3 front side 2 front angle 4  front angle 5 rear angle rear angle 2 rear angle 3 The interior is awesome of the NSX. Feels like a rear Cockpit. The momo Mod 78 330mm Alcantara Steering wheel, Science of speed titanium Door handles and gruppeM Gear knob are just a few of the stand out mods for me that Robert has chosen. interior After the shoot we heading to some little Mexican restaurant for burritos and some bizarre Cinnamon drink haha. It was a suprising night, I thought it was going to be brief but it turned into almost an all night affair (that's what she said!!). Got to meet some rad Los Angeles car guys whilst making new friends too. It was great. When we left the tunnel, a surge of Police motorbikes came around the corner followed by a filming rig Mercedes & a brand new Mustang! no idea what they were filming but what an epic thing to see in real life! Like I said I'm just a English country bumpkin! Thank you for reading. ad1