These pictures are from my trip to Holland nearly a year back now, some of the pictures I never got round to editing, not even to looking at, the reason is 6TWO1 is a one man team, not sure how many of you know that, but 6TWO1 is run all by just one guy, so when things take a while to process I am sorry, I wish I had more time to get everything done but sometimes its just not the case. Recently I have been trying to build the shop up with more & more car parts to be able to give you the service you deserve when paying such prices for certain items. The customers that I have had will be able to tell you I am supplying that service that you deserve! Which, I'm obviously very happy to report! but this also means that the blog hasnt really seen much attention. So that now means I can bring back some older images that never got published, they may not be the biggest features (the one below is only 4 pictures) but its still content that I shot. Ronald is part of the Dutch faction called Efella. A lifestyle blog with their own clothing line who all have a deep passion for cars. front Ronalds choice of car, is mainly for family reasons having a small child ment he needed the rear doors for easy access. Having a budding family didn't stop him from stancing it out and making it a head turner on the dutch streets. Side I was dunfouneded by how low he drives this car, we here in England whinge and moan on the forums all day about how bad our roads are boo hoo a pot hole here wa wa a speed bump in a housing estate. The Dutch have to put up with, the only way I can put it, raised platforms all over their main roads. Its not just in the housing estates these things are everywhere. Yet Ronald soldiers on day in day out. Side The civic is sat on XXR 527's but the last I heard Ronald was swapping these out for some real split rims, I am not sure if this ever happened as we're not connected on Facebook & sadly that seems to be one of the only ways to keep up to date with most peoples builds haha. Efella are always a good crew to hang out with, super laid back and very welcoming. If you're heading over to Holland any time to check out their car game I advise you look them up. rear ad1 thrll //