So a little bit of backstory before we crack on. I Have been friends with the guys at Rywire for a few years now, As soon as the search bar is fixed on the website you will be able to easily find the previous posts. Full of exclusive 6TWO1 photography ! This time around I hadnt even planned on taking photos. This was just before Eibach & I was just swinging by into their shop to say hello & catch up with them. Upon my arrival I decided to take a few photos of their cars as to be frank, Ryan, David & Ryan all have beautiful cars. David VIP rear David's Lexus is stunning. I'm not a huge VIP guy so I couldnt tell you the brand of wheel its sat on but I'm sure one of you can leave a comment & I will adjust when I know. bmw BMW M3 E30 by Ryan Derr. Fitted on Volk TE37s. Japanese inspired European classic. Ryan This is Ryan's newest purchase & I am so jealous. This really is one of my dream cars. 911 GT3RS. I was hanging out inside the store to get away from the God damn Los Angeles heat. Honestly if you've never been to Los Angeles the heat you get is so intense it can be crazy. Especially for a white boy like me its just not that fun, Ryan somewhat dropped an offer on me I could not turn down. He mentioned Ballade sport (next door) had the Spoon E-AT in for some servicing & wondered if I wanted to do pictures of his car & The Spoon Wondercivic next to each other. I couldnt believe it, I was so stoked I said yes instantly, So the guys started getting the cars into position. Cars Rywire Also in the above photo you can see the new Rywire tucked radiator... Cars EAT E-AT Civic The Spoon E-AT is still such an influencial car to me as you can read here : // Ryans eat Ryan's E-AT is one that I feel really needs to be looked at by the current generation, this will be a car that will live in the Honda scene as an all time great and its been built in our time, right now this car goes to shows, its attention to detail is absolutely crazy, it doesn't have a stripped out interior it has the all original Honda interior, its Right hand drive & to us brits that's nothing but out in America being a REAL RHD Is a big deal due to the huge ball ache it is registering & owning RHD / Import cars. Take note, even if you'd build it slightly differently (In your dreams) This car & The work done on it needs to be seen as an inspiration. E-ATs Two Greats. One feature. One time. I cannot ever seeing myself being able to do this with these 2 cars again, so I was very grateful to Ryan for this opportunity. pics Ran derr Even the guys who work with these cars every day took the opportunity to get photos of them together on their phones, in this photo Ryan Derr is grabbing a shot, but like I mentioned earlier about that LA heat, all the other guys were hiding in the shade just to my left with their phones out ! Blue skies Blue skys, LA Sun & Those incredible Hondas... I Loved how different both of these cars are. But in their own way they're incredibly important to our scene. spoon Rears Side by side Side by side Rywire Spoon interior Interior of the Spoon Sports car Inteiror Interior of Rywire's E-AT Inteiror After I got the above shots, we put the Spoon E-AT away whilst I focused on Ryan's. I have seen a lot of the Spoon car in the past year and feel very lucky to have done so but I really wanted to get some nice shots of Ryans. Raysns The front of Ryan's Civic hosts a PurpleSpeed front lip, adding an element of aggression to the visuals of the car & completing the front end. EAT EAT The Civic also hosts a set of body colour matched Mugen CF48's Engine Squeezed into the E-AT's bay is a JDM B18C on 55mm Kinsler Throttle Bodies EAT You can also see the Rywire Coil-on-plug Conversion & the Rywire Autosport milspec harness with quick disconnect. rear rear At the rear you can see the Osaka JDM wing proudly installed with a custom metal plating underneath FS Side profile Ryan's car has hosted a selection of wheels (All mugen) whilst I've seen it and these current CF48's are my favourite. Really cool keeping the 80's flow to the car. Side This really was a special shoot to me, It was a lot of fun & one I will remember forever! It was great to get the shots for Ryan & I hope he is happy with them when he eventually see's these. We can supply any Rywire part. Email inquiries to Thank you so much for viewing, if you've enjoyed please share on your social networks & if you're reposting the images please just stick the link to the feature in too or link our Facebook page! Thank you to Ryan for the opportunity to do this shoot & to the rest of the guys at Rywire for their hospitality for the day as always. Adam