We all have that friend who changes cars as much as he changes his underwear. Sam Evans is the friend of mine whom does that within the boundaries of my life. in teh boot This guy goes through 3 X as many wheels as he does cars though. This being his latest set up. His S2000 doesn't have the biggest spec list, but he is nearing the end of ownership with it & I like to always grab a few pictures of it. This time we went the full hog & got a whole photoset for everyone to look at. I'll leave the spec list at the end of the post. rear We normally find ourselves when building car's finding parts that mean a lot to us. In the "game" or whatever you want to call it, you make friends, they own cars & have parts. Some stay with you. Sam's friend Ryan who owns a company called Garage-Midnight whilst both being part of the same car collective F6Squared, had a bright yellow S2000 on these rare Rays Engineering GTP-A-2 & it just so happened Sam had the opportunity to purchase them off the owner after his friend Ryan. side on front quater The wheels are obviously a focal point to the car. They are so god damn shiny its hard not to stare that them. shiny The other obvious change is how low the car is sat & please dont be deceived. Sam drives this hard & how Honda really had built it to be, even with it sat so close to the ground. front 1 front 2 s2000 side roof up roof down Sam's reason for sale this time is not that he's bored of the car. But that his work commute now is hundreds of miles a day. As much as he loves the S2000, the M25 on a Friday night he cannot share that feeling for. Especially whilst sat in it for hours. So he will be purchasing more commuter friendly once he & the S2000 parts company. s2000 rear 2 "I know for a fact I am really going to miss it." look at it S2k side front I have to re-say this incase its been missed but Sam drives this car, this low all the time. It is a spectacle to behold haha roof down roof down 2 Welcome to the part of the feature where it is the standard stereo-typical parked under a lorry trailer photo. low We grew up reading Fast Car. Can you tell? PIcture After that image, we got moved on by security as you will see in episode 5 of Honda Diaries. rear roof down rear Bride Low Max silverback out of Chris Purrs old B20 & Takata Harnesses from his friend Ryan. I do love how parts exchange hands throughout the scenes. seat bay side

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