Hey everyone. The lack of blog updates is frustrating me. The amount of time they take me to do is far more than I have free at the minute, I have some amazing japan coverage lined up for you and some coverage from here too!. I do apologies for the day in this. I just wanted to say that the growth of the company in the last 12 months has come some what way sooner than I expected. This is NOT me complaining, but me wanting to say thank you, for all the support you offer my company & the products we create and offer ! It truely is humbling and it only drives me to create more amazing 6TWO1 products for you. Yes you! Our shop is very hard for me to monitor what times to be here. Obviously the internet still now reigns King for shoppers, but our shop has always been a welcoming place for you to come hang out, have some photos of your car taken & I want to continue this. dc5 But, like I mentioned, within this last year I have also taken on a lot more work than I used to do, still being the sole employee of 6TWO1 mean's up to this week I have been doing everything. Now, I do have someone part time behind the scenes taking some of the pressure off my shoulders, this is an internal employee of our family business who is doing a great job sorting out all the parts of the business which are integral for it to run properly, but horribly boring for me to do. So I am grateful to now have this trusted person helping me out during the week. I was trying out some new opening times for a couple of months, I had opened 12pm-8/9pm depending on the day. But, this hasn't been as successful as I thought it was going to be and the loss as been greater than the gains, so with this, I am going back to some normal hours. With weekends opening for a few hours too. To often am I now sat in the shop either on my own or with a few friends until close & We may not even have one customer come in, which to me is wasting time which could be spent working on other projects. Now the new opening times are as followed : Monday : 10am - 6pm Tuesday : 10am - 6pm Wednesday : 10am - 6pm Thursday : 10am - 6pm Friday 10am-4pm Saturday : Appointment Only Sunday : Appointment Only The reason I say appointment only is it means you drop me an email to adam@PureCarModify.com Or Text or call me on 07745641554 or the land line 01206865544 And as long as I am not pre-booked to be somewhere else, or am taking a personal day. This will work best for both customer & myself. So now I need to notify you of the days the shop in Colchester is closed. Monday 22nd June Tuesday 23rd June Thursday 25th June Friday 26th June Wednesday 1st July Thursday 2nd July A couple of those days MAY change due to the circumstances. But I will also not be contactable through out most of these too directly. So what I ask is emails & Phone messages to be given me the chance to reply in the evenings. I am training our newest member of the team up as we go along as it is a lot to take in with new products, but I will be unreachable so please bare with us. DC5 DC5 REAR Also, I'm making my best efforts to attend as many meets as I can now. I love having a DC5 again to come to the shows & meets in, in August our coilovers land for EP3 & DC5 so cannot wait for these to all be on & ready to demonstrate! DC5 Status Racing Top1 merch