South Mimms Honda Meet April 2013 hosted by Endless Horizon So lets start the biggest blog post I've ever done on the site on a negative. I mentioned this on the Facebook page but I'm going to re-post here because I feel it needs to be said. I have seen a lot of post's of people saying how "bad" South Mimms was this year, ranging from peoples behaviours to the litter left, all the way to the quality of cars. People are forgetting, one man has taken a lot of his time & effort that he DIDNT HAVE TO; making sure South Mimms can stay a venue for us Honda guys, and it seems a few of you are intent on making sure he cannot be bothered to do it again. If I was in Dav from Endless Horizons position and saw some of the comments that people had been making I would just not bother again. He has managed to not only convince South Mimms to allow us to park for free in their car parks that normally would be sending out parking fines but he has also managed to convince them to open up a whole new car park to accomodate everyone. South Mimms Honda meet is as good as WE all make it. Whos fault is it if people are doing burnouts & drifts? It's not Davs. Whos fault it is that people blast out of the road? Its not Davs. Who's fault is it if there is some litter? what is stopping you from picking it up & putting it in a bin?! If people are choosing to use this behaviour, then that is their issue, the South Mimms Service station & the London Police. These are the ones at fault as they knew that the meet was happening, why not just stick a couple of traffic cops here & there? They have enough time to sit down the end of my road waiting for a speeding motorist occasionally. Do not start taking these meets for granted. Because if that time does come that Dav decides to stop putting this effort in, you will quickly see them start to decline in numbers & quality of cars coming. If there is something you didnt like but can see a way to stop it, speak to him. He's a great guy and very approachable. Will work a lot better than a snotty Facebook status. Now onto the positive's of which, there are many. I want to Thank Dav from Endless for once again giving us the setting for what I believe to be THE biggest meet in UK Honda history, I've never experienced anything like it here and I for one am so grateful for how much effort he puts into it and how dedicated to it he is. Not only that, If you hate these very isolated incidents of recklessness & all the rest of it that we cannot control at meets, make sure you spend the money on a ticket to 6TWO1 : IMPACT on June the 9th ! . We will be allowing other marques of cars in the general show and shine but we also have a HONDA DEDICATED Area! So that your Honda Only needs can be catered for whilst allowing everyone else to come down all in a secure, safe area. But you have to pay to come enjoy this day (not much!! £7 1 ticket pre-ordered, 5£ for 5 or more ! £10 On the Gate!) Dav will also be helping out leading up to it spread some more invites as are other people, Hopefully you will come down and Enjoy the day for what it is. We are all trying to give the Honda scene a Platform in the UK to showcase to the rest of the world, we are all responsible for what happens on the internet. Let's just try to make it something to be proud of, which we are now in the best position we have ever been in to make this happen. So, onto the coverage of the actual event. 177 Images I have sat & edited this week ready for you to view, so before we being, go grab a cup of tea as this is a long one! As normal, I convoyed up with a few local's and my friends. We got to the meet an hour 40 minutes before it "Officially started" and one car park was already half full. Haha. We rocked up and Rich decided to get some comeuppance for Zak throwing a chocolate brownie at him on the M25 Zak choc The meets are always special for one thing, it makes a central hub for everyone who is envolved with Honda's to come down and meet up. Sundip came along and parked up next to us in his Hydro'd Accord Type R with his rebuilt Rays that now fit haha. Accord Type R Oli "Remedi" in his stunning CRX Del Sol, now without the Mugen front bumper but still looking great oli remedi This Orange EK came over from Belgium, one of the many european Honda guys that made the trip this year! their numbers increase at every meet! EKorange When I saw this EG I instantly felt like a child again, I havn't seen a half paint job for about 10 years! haha put a smile on my face! by complete coincidence the (believed) owner added me on facebook & it looks like he also is building/has built a pretty impressive EG drag car so hopefully can go meet up for a photoshoot at some point Orange blue This was a pretty continuous site un till about 2pm, cars rolling all day.. Dc5 r I decided to take a little wander, had no real idea where I was heading. I was pretty disorientated by the size of the meet already and can remember needing a wee really bad but couldn't be arsed to walk to the Service station haha. I stumbled upon Dave Watson. Who I have known for many years now just through Honda ownership. So whilst he was cleaning his S2000 (Shock) I shouted his name and grabbed a picture as he swung around, he's always given and myself great support and for that I am grateful !! S2000 He also demonstrated his new hidden plate trick, but the picture was out of focus so I wont post it haha. front S2000 dave Dave came down with this Supercharged Jordan on Yellow Volk TE37s. Jordan 500 TEs Wheels Facelift DC5R with what appears to be Mugen goodies & Volk CE28s.. DC5R mugen Faz's Accord.. faz accord Couldn't believe to see this guy out ! Ricky's amazing coupe that I featured a little while back. It is one of Endless Horizons finest examples of their work. Engine bay is a work of art! I didnt see where he parked up for the day so didn't get any more images even though we bumped into each other & started working out a plan to steal a certain car which you will see later on...... Rickys Matt Cole has also had a little feature on here before, now updated his wheel colour.. EK4 Purple Pete's coupe looked fantastic on the Image wheels. Once again that purple theme. Seems a popular choice at the moment! He is saying he wants to re-shell the car so will await some updates! Also Rocking one of my friends clothing company "Low Standards" sticker on the front bumper.. Coupe Loony has been building this EJ9 for about as long as I can remember, I had no idea about his new Wheels - Work Equip 03's. Work Equip 03 Next surprise was that the car is now on Hydros Raised Slam loony The evolution of the Honda Scene here is finally catching up with America, with a few of the guys that have stuck around leading that.. Works Parag has transformed his EK since I last saw it. Now it is hosting a huge amount of genuine products, my favourite being the Backyard Special front bumper. This car is also on Hydros. parag Ek More and more Jazz's are poping up at meets now. Finally earning that "cool" appeal? Jazz link 1 Stunning blue EG from Holland EG EG One of the Shoot All's Guys beautiful DC2. Dc2 shoot all Milano Red Accord Euro R Euro R Picture of Paul's EG not hammering it around a track for a change! great looking car. EG paul Si Cleaning his DC5 Track car. dc5 si cleaning Rus from Hond-R's Mugen Stream Stream H2B Hond-R masterpiece H2b Coupe Cool to see some older style Stickers still being represented Coupe Milano Red Left hand drive coupe.. Red Coupe Krista & Rob's DC2 and CRX. Must be nice to share your Honda passion with your other half. kirsta Dave from Reelmotion in his Turbo DC5 TurbDc5 Hard looking Evo that has gone for "that" look, not sure on brand of wheels. will have to check EVO STANCE Fyse in his new DC2 waiting in the huge line that started once Car park 1 became full.. FYSE link 2 Andy's Bagged DC2R Andy DC2 Not sure if Raef still owns this S2000 but its a nice example of how some simple mods can transform a car with the Enkei's being a main feature.. Enkei S2000 Kim's awesome S2000 on CE28s and now has a Broadway mirror I bought for him in Hong Kong! KIM S2K J's Racing Kitted S2000 S2K Rota Grid V's sit very nicely on this Jazz Sport. Jazz Harv filming the South Mimms special Episode of Honda Diaries Harv Real nice Black S2000 with Gun metal wheels & red interior S2k redblackgrey Super clean OEM 98 Spec UKDM Integra R DC2 Interesting. The Prelude model is widely ignored, I spotted this one and it is sat on Mugen MF8's and had a really cool boot spoiler on it too. Really liked this car. MUGEN PRELUDE rear link 6 K Swap, 5 luggin', TE37s.. EGk20 Love the Strut brace Strut k20 With this evolution of our scene I mentioned earlier, it does not mean the styling we know and love will dispeer, just the variety of what we see will increase, this CRX Del Sol will stand the testament of time as this look will always be respected and loved. CRX DEL SOL Bolt-Bolts EK. EK BOLTS BOLTS Ariel Atom in the GULF racing colours.. Ariel atom Liams Jordan barry Sucker for a clean black EG EG black Interesting bonnet on this tidy Silver EG. Would like some more information on it.. eg civic bonet After some facebook diggin' it looks like this is Lauren's DC5, she purchased my old J's Racing 70RR exhaust system from me! wish I could have heard it again, such a great car on amazing wheels - Mugen MF10s. Mugen MF10s Side Couple of nice FN2's, Silver one rocking a J's bonnet. Js bonnet One of the Stance-Daily dudes cars, a freshly resprayed Yellow Coupe... yellowcoupes Track ready EG.. track eg Ben Chan's DC5 equipped with BC Racing coilovers he purchased from ourselves here @ ! Ben Chan Murdered out FD2 Type R, What an amazing looking car, with performance that outweigh them! People say Honda cannot build a good car anymore..... FD2 r Ku Lo's Ek. Always rocking real wheels. hah CPRs today, genuine spoon mirrors also EK KU Awesome Kanjo inspired EF. EF KANNJOOOOOOOo Aral's DC2 from Holland Holland dc2 AE86 Levin always makes an appearance ! love it ae86 Love the look of the 98 Spec (Look) wheels on the EK4 Ek4 Alex Judgee's DC2R DC2r One of the H.I.S guy's Coupes. Looks great Coupe his Josh's EK9 - Looks amazing with the front First Mouldings lip, Rays TE37's, Status racing seats, carbon boot and much more, there will be more on this car in the future! we are arranging a shoot. EK9 JOSH Front rear Mo from superstyle garage made an appearance in his Drifter Bmw 3 Series BMW link 4 Some dude rolling around on a longboard Skater GTT (is it?) Skyline Skyline Dan's Stunning DC5 on Enkei NT03s Enkei DC5 Maybe my favourite K-Swapped EG at the event, black Enkei RPF01s EG The Red DC5 still haunts me to this day... long story.. DC5s George Wong & his unbelievable Turbo S2000. Standard look's, Killer performance. GW I still have no issues with cars like this, cant say I'd be running a huge body kit and the super out there paint job but it does remind me of the 90's and when I was growing up, this sort of thing is what I'd have been dreaming of. Bodykit Honda K swapped Yellow DC2, that used to be blue & before that yellow.. its always fun when you actually catch the owner at the events as you can find out the history behind the cars they've built.... Dc2 yellow bay B-Turbo EG EG Dark metallic red EK4 on the Grid-V's.. EK4gridv EG6 with carbon bonnet, wings & RPF01s EG6 Sam's Milano Red EP2 rocking a decal too! EP2 Newest Gen honda civic with a mugen kit, what a bizarrely ugly car from behind. What went through the designers heads. Mugen 9th gen mean... s2k Phoenix Yellow DC2. PY DC2 Red DC2 which has had a lot of bay work.. DC2 red Dc2 bay G-T-R Gtr I may be hugely bias about this but Vivid blue pearl is the best colour for the Ep. This Ep2 is fantastic. Mugen Look kit looks great. I had one of these for my first car and honestly if I hadn't wrote it off it would still be with me now. I loved that thing. Ep2 Ep2 Ep2 3 Site's EF is still off the road so he showed me around his "sleeper" haha. merc Do you reckon he's on air ride...?.... no air Clean Dc2 Dc2 Ep3 on Evo Enkeis Enkeis EP3 Annnnnd then this guy turns up. Some young, fairly hench dude in a Lambo Aventador. Bet he doesnt get any girls. Lambo Pretty awesome as I love these cars, as I'd never seen one on the road before. Sounded amazing Lambo This is the car Ricky & I were plotting just to take. haha lambo If he isnt into girls then he sure wont have a problem finding a lad. haha Lambocrowd I LOVE an OEM 98 Spec JDM Dc2. 98spec UKDM DC2 on BBS RS dc2 Another shot of the Evo EVo Stanced EK9, BBS RS's, Blue bay..plenty more to this car, but I have no spec sheet ! EK9 BBS Check out JDMGRAM on Instagram! JDMGRAM Stance Daily's; Bobby V's Yellow EP3 Yellow Ep3 EP3 with Rep mugen front lip, TE37's, looks great. timeless Ep3 REAR EP3 link3 Rear of Reelmotion Dave's DC5 Turbo DC5 Type R Turbo NSX nsx Regardless of how many times I see it, this Combo never disappoints me Silver ek This Supercharged S2k I believe is owned by the Blonde girl standing by it, not the guy in it. May be wrong though S2k EG from Belgium recently featured in Banzai magazine! some SOHC lovin' SOHC Stunning CRX from Belgium belgium crx EF from Belgium also ! belgium ef Adam Roberts EP3 on Advans ep3 Murderous looking S2000, Odd wheels, I believe I saw that the rear ones are X12 Wide. haha crazy mad Red JDM Dc2 on some Red split rims by Volk Racing red jdm Fyse DC2, big plans from him for this!... "Stance" game DC2 fyse Another of Rob's CRX SIR Rob Crx This Crazy S15 had arrived, I have no idea about these cars/mods, so I will let the pictures do the talking S15 S15 S15 S15 Better Image of the Silver Ek4 on TE37s Silver EK link 5 Hond-R Co-owner Maz now has this Legend as his Daily car... Legend legend Amazing, KV's Engine bay by Hond-R Engine bay Hond-R Accord accord Ryan's Mugen Kitted Hond-R Accord mgeun kit Not sure who made these wheels but they look very nice on this accord CL Accord Nicely put together EK Ek Gareths EK with him also rocking one of our T-Shirts! Gareth Another picture of the Evo! Evo Stunning Silver Ek9 EK9 Tuan's EK4 on Regas with Blue Dc5 Recaro's EK4 Regas REgas Stu's Green coupe on Gold Advans Coupe on advans Clean DA Integra on mesh wheels & Recaro seats! da Box Fresh EG on Mugen MF10s Eg EG bay Another Belgium EF EF Krista & her DC2 Dc2 Will Baxter's EK4 Ekk Ek Ek Ekk "Gentlemen At Work"'s Mk 1 Golf Golf a wild herd of shuttles appear... shuttles I continued taking pictures and talking to people until the vast majority had left. I am glad I stuck around as some of the crowds started leaving a few gems started to stand out, like this Import sedan, with blinds in the rear window. hah this thing has to be the rarest car at the meet? sedan Sedan rear Really clean White EF. ef Park Next to Lee John's CRX. Glad to see lee back in a Honda. Lee Johns CRX Mugen kit: Mugen cr Zak's Jordan & My EG.. EG Rear of Ben Chan's DC5 Bem chan CRX on CE28s CRX Liams Jordan Jordan Jordan Ben Moore's Superb DC5 DC5 Amuse Kitted S2000 S2000 Side on Kadir's Brothers EK4... Ek4 And that my friends, is the end of the South Mimms 1 2013 Coverage. I hope you have enjoyed it, If I didn't snap your car chances are I didn't see it or the Photo was out of focus. The day was crazy and there is only so much one man can do. Haha. I really hope you have enjoyed the images. Be sure to check out South Mimms Special of Honda diaries here: // Never again will I do a blog post this big, its taken me 6 FULL days. I cannot say I will have this time to dedicate to it again in the future. I made a special case of it this time, I hope you've liked it. Get your IMPACT tickets ordered below! See you soon! ad1 //