A few years ago, I was sat in the shop and this ginger guy and his girlfriend walked in, he started talking about how he currently owned a Ford Fiesta and he wanted an EP3, his plans were turn it into a street racing weapon, like any true essex boy. 

Well fast forward to about a year ago from today, he, known as Tom Wright has become one of my good friends. He's built the EP3 & actually now broke it for parts to get ready for his next car. I get a text from him "Im buying an EG" I simply replied get ready to sell the Ep3! I just love the EG, its my favourite chassis. I knew he'd fall in love with it too, he instantly said it was staying standard, so with that im very proud to show you his now super low, stanced daily driven EG! 

I love the side profile of this car. With it sat on the Equip 03 wheels, BYS Style Spoiler & the First Mouldings style front lip

Tom runs the Denji V1's with Chrome back and blue lens' which are currently on sale via our site

Tom's fitted a JDM boot lid (sprayed with a rattle can! not a bad job...)

The Vertex wheel was one of the big purchases from us for his car. He wanted this wheel so bad. It was awesome to be able to supply him with this...


The Civic is also his daily, and its an Auto! with the possible D16z6 Turbo Manual swap looking like the future of this car, the Autobox in this has suprised me massively. He put a giant hole in it about 3000 miles ago and its still fine ! 



I hope you enjoyed the photos of Tom's EG! Go give him a follow on instagram @Tom_Autoscene!

Thank you for reading