2017 really has been the year of my Drifting Journey. I know drifting isnt for everyone & nor am I purposly or conciously trying to push it down everyones throats, but 6TWO1 has always been here for me to document what I have been doing in my life revoloving around cars. 

For those who were here since the beggining, you'd know my first few posts were actually Volkswagen shows I'd attending & VWs that my friends owned at the time. It grew into the Honda based blog while I was getting deeper into that community and it is what it ended up showcasing for a long time.

I rarely get to get behind my Camera anymore, It seems funny that 6TWO1 becoming a company has taken up most of my main time now, along with Bandit Supply Co & Working for the family business, my time that I used to be able to get to shows has now become the time I get behind the wheel of my Silvia and go throw it about for pure enjoyment. Its my few hours of bliss in this chaotic life I somehow have managed to throw myself into! 

Ali from Street Track Life (formally ej9.co.uk) invited me up to Driftland in Fife, for his 2 day drift event STL. I was stoked to get up there, nervous as hell getting out in the Silvia as leading up to it, I'd only done 2 drift days in the car and one of those was in the wet- the other was with tyres to grippy for my power!

Tom Wright came via Driftland on his roadtrip to hang out for the 2 day event!  

For me, I learnt so much over the 2 days, on the first day I was named most improved driver - this was so sick for me, I was buzzing! 

Second Day I knocked my alignment out and car was just a bit all over the place, I was also so tired I could barely stay awake! So I took it easy on the second day.. So I stopped early and went to get some photos! Just as I started, the heavens opened! 

The Irish guys came over in their 86's. These dudes are unreal drivers & Its so good to see the 86s' being used how they use them! 

Fraser from Aberdeen Hardstyle came to hang out in his Laurel 

Conor's Turbo MX5

This E36 Touring was beautiful. I'm currently looking for one as a daily driver if anyone has a clean low milage one about let me know! 


Taylor's Sr20det E30 Bmw!

Dori labs...

From here I'm going to show you the rest of the photos I got! At the bottom I will summarise ... 

STL Private Drift days was my first ever visit to driftland, Since January this year, I've gone from not being able to skid around a cone, to doing 3rd Gear entries at Driftland chasing other cars.

This is purely down to the incredible people who are apart of the UK Drift community. The support I've recieved not because im Adam from youtube, but because I'm a dude who just wants to skid. On the Friday my car broke & I went to Ali who runs STL for some advice and he sent Dan Joyce over to help, who intern bought like 3 other dudes over and had them all checking my car for me. 

It was amazing, the whole 2 days! Leading up I was so nervous, I swear on my life I genuinly was. I know I can do the basics now and skid around a track but doing it on this scale with some of these incredible drivers I didnt know if I could stomach it. But Ali send me videos showing the layounds, so I could get to grips with it and I just had the best coulpe of days ever! 

I want to thank Ali for also giving me most improved driver on the 1st day & everyone who was there just making it an amazing atmosphere! 

Hope to get back up there soon.


My youtube video of the day is here :