EG MF10 I know this is a long time coming, but whilst im trying to source new suppliers for parts to go on sale in the parts store & getting some other products uploaded, its taking a bit of time, I'm not sure how many of you know but 6TWO1 is a one man show lol so content does take a while to process but hope you will find it worth while. I want to round up my time at Joey Lee's The Chronicles IV meet with this post. I had a great day, this will be the last post & I've edited the rest of my usable images to all go in this last one. I hope you enjoy it. I was a huge fan of this White civic coupe on Regamaster MP's. More than once did I go back & look over it. Regas white coupe Deep purple widebody S2000 on Volk TE37s s2kpurple White Coupe on TE37s, real race car stance to it. Pink smoothed & tucked bay, Bucket seats & Takata harnesses, really nice complete build. Coupe te IP MAN is a dude I've never met but I've recently stumbled across his Instagram account, not only built a sick car but he's a great photographer too. IP MAN DPK David's coupe looking clean as ever. Very detailed, thought out build. civic dpk Ryan of Rywire (Products available through 6TWO1 !! Check the parts store) had bought his NSX out for the day, you can also see Ryan having a conversation in the background of the photo. nsx another shot of the stunning Blue Coupe on Regas. bluecoupe I'm fairly sure I looked over this EK at Eibach, EK TEDDY If I'm correct? ekteddy I LOVE this Eg civic, so much I put love in all caplitals. The Mugen wheels, the colour, clean body work. Love it. EG Mugen Couple more shots of the white S2000 with Gold BBS LM's.. s2k S2k Phaze 2 M5.. m5 Great variety was on show nsx slamm truck Royal Origins Civic on Rotiforms.. Civic Ray's immaculate DC2. dc2 The Royal Origin Lexus IS200 lexus Pristine civic on Regas, it really bugs me as that Red coupe next to it was one of my favourite cars at the whole event, but how the sun was I could not get a good image to show you. Civic S2000 Looked hard as F*** S2k Another shot of Ryans NSX Rywriens Mugen DC2. Stunning. Full Mugen Body Kit, Mugen MF10's... Huge turbo.. Mugen dc2 Real deal EK9 also on Mugen MF10s, real deal TYPE R's from Japan are super rare in America even though they are a commonality over here in England.. EK9 Anyone ever wondered where all the Mugen MF10s in the world have got to I'd take a good guess that they're all in LA. lol. dc2 This RHD Imported Civic EG9 won car of the show.. Bandits From the same crew, a RHD K Swapped Saloon bandits Tactical Art owner Yasutaka Shimomukai over from Japan.. yasutaka Love this Accord on Enkei's.. accord A model of Accord that normally gets overlooked when modifying.. accord Mk5 Golf on Fifteen 52 Wheels, like I said the event had great variety golf Clean Civic coupe.. Coupe Eg On Advans.. advans Phoenix Yellow DC2 on Mugen MF10s Mugen MF Phoenix Check inside this Black DC2, Yellow Recaros.. dc2 tes Black EK on Purple Work's. ek Clean Red Coupe red Royal Origins Accord RO accord Silvia.. silvia Another shot of BigMikes Lude.. Bikemikes lude Track Ready NSX.. NSX Phaze 2 Accord.. accord Another of the M5 m5 Another of the badass Lexus.. lexus Chivas's Bay bay Line up.. lineup As the day drew to a close & the harsh Cali Sun started it's decent. I saw Holly Lee for the first time that day haha god know's how I missed her, I blame the heat. Even though its only a proper creep arse shot but whatever, you probably want this more than a frontal. rear Also snapped this old Datsun Z Car as it was rolling out. Felt this sort of editing was appropriate.. zcar EK & EG ready to roll out.. cars rolin I had such a great day at The Chronicles IV. From renting the car to staying for the awards, I had a great time hanging out with the American guys & they all made me feel very welcome. I cant see me being able to go out there again next year due to some personal stuff that is arranged around the same time but I will treasure the memories & friendships that have been made this time round. ad1 thrll //