After the last day and a half I had in Japan already being so awesome, my whole mojo had changed, I had changed from being nervous about my trip to becoming really excited for what lay ahead. advert for coilovers sSp2stock Now any Honda guy knows you cannot take a trip to Tokyo without venturing out to Type One. Whether Spoon Sports is your favourite brand or not, you would be stupid not to stop by the Type One shop. I parked up down a side street oposite to Type One. After I parked, I had a real issue trying to understand how to pay for parking. Problem #1 I had parked in the wrong car park, resident parking only. After trying to pay for a space in a different car park for 15 minutes I found a very nice man who explained to me with hand motions that I had to move my car over one of the huge metal locks which blocks your car in. So I did that, then learnt I paid after I was done, instead of there and then! Fiasco over. Facelift EK9 parked opposite the car park A short walk later & I arrived ... Parked out front in which is quite a famous parking space amounts the Honda online community was this bright Yellow RS Fit (Jazz) truck I headed inside the showroom, to see this rad little truck like I saw at the Honda Collection hall, all be it, not as pristine. On the wall is a collection of front bumpers from various Honda's which have competed for Spoon Sports.. jazz sSp2stock jazz The car under the car storage unit was the Fit used in the 2014 Super Taikyu Series... Up top on the ramp were some unbelivable cars. Starting off the line up was the EK... Behind the EK was the freshly rebuilt EG6. Wish I could have seen this down low, would have loved to look over it... Im not to sure, but I kind of got the vibe that the previous competition S2000 was having some parts swapped over onto their new Super Taikyu S2000 car... This is the new S2000 which was practicing at Motegi the previous day ! Such a cool work space... The shop itself isnt actually as big as I thought it was going to be, I guess the photos can be deceiving, you also have to remember in Japan they are actually tough for space anyway, so a shop this big is still impressive. Do love how badass this Fit is... Another shot of the recent S2000 Super Taikyu car... All the Cam covers on the wall behind K series engines & a NSX Unit! I could have moved the boxes but I really want to show you how it is on a working day. I dont want to pose for the photos... I dont know much about this white S2000...Other than it was pristine... I am closing the post out on the Super Taikyu S2000 for 2015 season... Thank you for reading & I am hoping you enjoyed it. Please remember, we are an authroised dealer for Spoon Sports & You can get any of their products from us in store or online. sSp2stock