I am not sure how aware people are with what 6TWO1 actually is and who is associated with it. I started PureCarModify.com for us Honda guys and girls in the UK, something to call our own. I being Adam, I'm the idiot in Honda Diaries who is pretty clueless, but I love Honda's. Two friends that I've become a lot closer with through our love for our Honda's is Zak and Pete. Zak occasionally appears in Images & Videos through out my social media outlets, as does Pete and his dog Doug. Lets start with Zak, when we met, it was at Edition 38 a few years back. I still had my Orange civic, he stole a load of my PureCarModify.com stickers and put them on his camping chair, to this day i have not forgiven him fully for that. His first Honda was an EJ9, recently acquiring this Jordan. (I say recently, it wasnt that recent). He is also a customer of mine, ordering BC Racing coilovers through Myself here at 6TWO1. Which you can also do! Head to the speedstore...only after reading this post of course! rear His Jordan recently has taken shape, sacking off the horrible wheels he used to have on it and getting some Compomotive MO5 wheels for it with a host of other mods, Once its been for paint I'm sure you'll see a full feature up on here. Or even in a Magazine, who knows ? Zak is also one of "those guys" Who wont get out of his car for pictures, as you can see he's ducking down in this next couple, haha Zak1 front I got to say, im pretty proud of this prick. He's come a long way from building terrible polo's to building to his Jordan. Which on the Compomotives, looks fantastic rolling. roll 1 Jordan rear roll I hope Zak does stick with his Jordan and see this project through, as I know he's got some carbon stuff just laying around in his bedroom waiting for the car to be painted before putting it on. zak roll 2 Rear 2 Enough about Zak for now, Lets move on to "I got my hand tattoo done so now I'm solid" Pete "Pwizzle" Ward This guy, I don't even know how we became friends, all I do now is I now cannot get rid of him. Pete 1 I have watched the progression of this Integra for a while now. Roll rear 2 Pete's Integra is sat on 8inch wide Advan Rg1's, Pete's car is flooded with genuine parts. Full spoon exhaust system, Advan wheels, Bride seat, recently aquring genuine spoon mirrors too! Brand new! rolling I feel like this post is missing Harv & Richard, we've somehow formed this little group of friends all based on us building our cars, asking each other for help and ignoring advice, I want to get us all together for group photos soon, So we will actually be requiring someone for photoskills. Rear I will once again update you on the progress of both of these cars as and when. Pete's Integra is under going a rebuild soon, and Zak's Jordan is heading for paint. Roll 2 Need to convince Harv to let me take some pictures of his EK & Rich with his CRX. Hope you've enjoyed this post, head to the Speedstore to see the ever growing list of parts I can supply, if you dont see something listed from a brand, drop me an email! It takes ample time to upload products individually like I have too. So give me a shout ! Also, head to the merchandise store & pick up some 6TWO1 goodies, all profits go back into 6TWO1 & not into my own pocket, I want to get the new design T-shirt done, which I will once more of the other stock is gone. Thank you for reading. ad1 For best photo quality view on Retina Mac Dear facebook pages who are here just to save the pictures to post to their page, I have no issue with this but please can you give credit by linking the PureCarModify.com facebook page which can be found here: www.facebook.com/PureCarModify.com