Just a small entry tonight, I am working hard on the Impact blog post to be one of the biggest & greatest you'll have ever read! Announcement 1 : I am off on Holiday! I am not taking a laptop, but i will have my phone so can still reply to emails & do certain orders. ALL Shipping will be delayed unless you've ordered today. As stated I will be able to reply to emails so catch me on Adam@PureCarModify.com if you have any questions regarding products ! If you try to call I wont be answering but you're welcome to call the office & leave a message for my return! Announcement 2 : WHISTLER WHEELS NOW IN STOCK! These are an incredible value for money wheel. Wheel Based off the Porsche twist design seen on 911's of old & now re-modernised ! Click the photo to link you to the products! Prices starting at £449... Announcement 3 : 6TWO1 Jordan SOLD!! We never really posted much regarding this car as it really was just being used as a test dummy for our EK Coilover height trails. Sold It cleaned up great & Went to a local Honda owner so I'm sure it wont be the last you see of it on here! Announcement 4: Finally point from today! We have kindly been given an S2000 to test our coilovers on for S2000. We're going to get cracking on with this upon my return from Italy. Thank you Matt Hugo for lending us the car! S2000 & finally, heres a snapshot of our EG tucked away in the garage. Thank you for viewing. Adam. 6TWO1.