A new blog post? on PureCarModify.com? Whats going on here then?! 

I miss Blogging, I miss being behind the camera shooting photos! Always being an amature & never trying to put the money into doing anything remotely professional & Life just happening, the blog has just become a rarity. 
It hasnt helped that we've moved to a more professional website format for the store. it makes building a blog post take about 4x as long - which is killer! 

But, I want to try my best to bring it back, even if it is only occasionally. It would be great for, my own mental health to actually be able to take some photos & create a blog post every so often! 

I recently have been putting a lot of time and effort into my drifting, which has taken me back up to driftland in Fife for the second time this year. The journey absolutely wipes me out, so this time I prepared slightly better and decided to take day off before the event and hang out with some friends. 

I met up with Martin (@Ober85 - instagram) who owns this stunning Nissan Silvia S15 

We drove around for an hour or so, filming a youtube video & trying to find the location you see in the photos, the fourth rail bridge, an absolute masterpeice of engeering! 

The S15 you see is Martin's labour of love for the past 5 years! Swapping his Evo for the S15 after finding the Evo not living up to his expectations & wanting to do a V8 Swap in an S-body, something that can be seen as quite controversal, but also popular over in the states! Originally wanting to get hold of an S14, the opportunity came for the deal to get the S15 chassis!  

The car started life as a Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R ( L Package ) Which is actually quite a rare edition for the S15 model. This comes with different headlights & Chrome all over the interior, a run out edition I assume. Martin swapped out the L Package headlights in a deal for some brand new Silvia oem ones - (Much nicer in my personal opinion!) fitted an "Areo" Body Kit along with the Fog lights - Nice OEM upgrades (Also, very expensive lol.) 

It's lowered with Tein Monoflex Coilovers, fitted with Volk TE37 wheels in the iconic bronze finish. 18x9.5 ET30 

The only modification to happen to the bodykit is the removal of the 3rd brake light from the spoiler! other than that the Areo kit stands as it would have from factory

Under the bonnet lurks an LS2 V8 which would be found in a Pontiac GTO (Our Vauxhal Monaro) which Martin & his friends fitted all themself! Putting out around 440bhp & sounding like the Ratpure is happening when on full throttle! Driving this car is some experience !

The Volk Wheels are BRAND new from Japan held on by VOLK Steel wheel nuts, aboslutely stunning! 


I want to thank Martin for coming out and letting me shoot the car.


I really hope you enjoyed the photos! 

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