Tracking back to my Vegas trip is something I will be doing over the next couple of weeks. There is still content you havn't seen and I want to round off my America trip before I am back over there again haha. When I was in Las Vegas, I linked up with Chivas' to do a photoshoot of his car after a meet got split up by the police, ending up in an underground car park a few of his friends also joined. I guess, luckily for me Chivas is part of a group called Royal Origins. Their cars are always built to the highest standard, pushing each other's building boundaries. Photo's of Chivas car can be found here: Mateos Accord was also one I shot whilst there... We also had the company of a beautiful built Lexus SC, I havnt much information on it as like I said, it was more of a meet than an arranged photoshoot for a feature, but I was happy to be able to get the images, even with only 1 tripod I wasnt able to use external flashes but I made the best of what I could. Soarer front 2 soarer front 3 Front 4 Rear 1 Rear 2 Rear left We were also joined by another of Chivas friends called Eric, who owned this Accord Coupe as his daily, lowered on CCW Wheels. Such an aggressive looking car, we don't get these in England so was awesome to be able to check one out. Even if they did sell them here I don't think many people would modify them as its just not something you see as a popular choice here, but it was awesome to see something different. accord coupe Accord front on rear Rear rear 3 ad1 thrll //