I havn't done one of these, from the heart blog posts in a long time. We could probably look back years before you find one where I can write more than a quick paragraph about a car I actually own. It's one of those things that when you have it, its just there, you don't really know what to say, you don't want to come across like you think your car is better than anyone else's (well, Me anyway) because lets be honest, it wont be. It never will be the "best" because the car scene is all opinions, and boy don't people air them out on facebook! So no matter how amazing I think my EG6 is, or how good I think my mates car is, someone else will say their friends is the best, and so one & so on.... So this post is a personal post, based off of my thoughts about the Honda Integra DC5. DC5 Front 1 Dc5 The car pictured is my personal car, my Honda Integra DC5. I love this car, it love it with all my heart. Not just this exact car, but the DC5 in general is one of my favourite cars. I love how it looks, I love the interior, I love the smell of the materials Honda used on the interior so every time you get in you KNOW you're in a DC5. I love the Recaro's, I love the origional steering wheel (even though I've now replaced mine with a Personal wheel by Nardi due to wear that was on the OG). I just feel very connected with the Honda Integra DC5 Type R. Dc5 side on front side on front closer The DC5 you see in the photo's is my 3rd DC5 Type R I've owned. My previous 2 were sold for reasons which I dont wish to disclose but lets just say one cost me a lot of money & the other one nearly cost me my licence. But here we are, 5 years later from me picking up my first one, I am back in one yet again... Side on My Dc5 is lowered on 6TWO1's new DC5 Coilovers Rear When I was 17, just starting out in the real world of cars, fresh from just looking at the Eibach meet photos on Honda-Tech & actually able to modify my own car for the first time, I headed up to a bluewater Honda meet, which in their own right were legendary back in the day. I pulled in and I was faced with seeing my first ever DC5 Type R in real life, I was there with my friend Harvey who you may have seen in our online series Honda diaries. I grabbed him and dragged him over to this Integra, I must have looked around it for a good 20 minutes, taking it all in. The styling of the car is just perfect to me, every angle it looks stunning from. I said to Harv that day I will own one of these cars, so I set out saving for my first ever Type R. I tried twice before I eventually ended up being able to actually afford the insurance on a DC5. I spent my 21st birthday over in America as I was working over there frantically trying to find myself my perfect car as 21 was the magic age I had to be beore an insurance company would give me a quote I could afford. I have worked since before I started High School, Its just been built into me from a young age that if you want something, you work for it. Summer holidays through out my school years were not spent down a skate park, nor were they spent running around the woods or playing football, they were spent working in a warehouse packing up Credit card machines, this happened until I got a part time Job @ the Honda dealer in Ipswich whom I had done my work experience with, which then turned into a full time salesman apprentice job when I was 17 meaning I dropped out of College for it, a big risk but one I was glad I did as I was rewarded with the position of full time sales exec after only 3 months. I think a lot of people believe I get hand outs as my dad is quite a successful businessman but instead of being silver spooned with money and material items, I believe I've given something even more valuable, being taught the value of a pound coin. Taught how to earn for myself. My dad always taught me the rewards are that much sweeter if you get them yourself & you find value in what you earn yourself. Hand outs hold no real value & money does not come easy. Thats what I was taught, and it's what I still believe today. DC5 DC5 I regret to this day ever selling the car you see above. My First Type R. It was the nicest Honda I've ever owned in terms of condition, I got it when it was on only 20,000 miles, man it was nice. I remember the day I went to collect it. I did not sleep the day before. Knowing I was going to pick up the car I had saved for, for the last 4 years! That dream was becoming a reality and I could not believe it, driving it home I didn't stop smiling, the whole journey! I couldn't believe it! I spent a lot of money on this car on very few parts, everything I bought I wanted it to be the best. It was awesome. Every second of it, even when it got me in a lot of trouble with the local police force. Rear Dc5 I don't think that excitement has ever died and I do not want to sound like a over compensating internet meme, but now when I walk away from my Dc5 I turn back and look, then look again & then have one more look. I still love everything about this car, and the memories they hold for me are very special... DC5 rear again One of the main reason's I love the Dc5 so much is that when I first got my Dc5 Type R it was when I started taking blogging seriously, I drove that bloody car up and down the UK & around europe to photoshoots not charging a penny just so I could have exclusive content for my website and get better with a camera! I never, ever expected in its first 2 years that it would become the brand 6TWO1 has become today. All i was focused on was meeting new friends & checking out bad ass cars. The Dc5 fueled that fire, it gave me the desire to get out and just drive everywhere. Every day; even driving it to my normal job at the time which was working with flatpackoffice furniture, I didn't care that I hated what I did because I owned a DC5, I felt like a badass and I loved it & I also knew that whatever I was going to end up doing, it was going to be about cars, because the feeling that Dc5 gave me, I wanted other people to experience with their own cars! I guess one of the reasons I felt so special in the DC5 is I knew only a select group would recognise what it was, twice I was pulled by traffic police just to ask me what kind of car it is, not that I'd done anything wrong but because one of the guys wanted to see it up close! It made me feel great knowing I had something so beautiful, that not just anyone would have! Other side The Dc5 has been my rock. A few years ago I went through a really rough spell in my life & If I didn't have my Dc5 at the time I really am unsure of where I would be right now or what trouble I would be in or what sort of state my life would currently be. That car gave me something to work towards, that car gave me a burning ambition because every day I walked outside and it made me feel F'ing awesome, even if I was on the bring of a melt down (legitimately, not saying this for effect) I'd just go out to my DC5, drive to a place I found relaxing (Manningtree being one of them as seen photo'd with the white DC5) and just sit in it with no music on, just in the presence of my DC5 & I felt safe. I wasn't worried what the world was saying about me, or what was going on that was dragging me down as I was in my safe place. Front The day I sold my first DC5 was the biggest mistake I've ever made fullstop. I now am able to look back on that car and understand how it shaped me, my life, my business, my future! Which is why I set out to get myself another yet again and this time make sure it is one I could start from the beginning, only this time It's even more special to me. As I get to fit parts which I have designed, produced and sell. It is the best feeling in the world, and I feel honoured that there are those who choose to experience it with me. Thank you for reading, if you managed to stick it out. See you soon. Adam