Oh boy this is a long time coming! For about 3 years I've been asking Yelena to model some merch for me. Its taken a long ass time but I'm fullly stoked to finally bring you a photoset of Yelena rocking our gear. 

Yelena (@YelenaYloisa on instagram, go give her a follow) & I have been friends (and nothing more unfortunately) for about 7 years (of pure rejection). I clocked a few years back she'd done some modeling for some clothing company and I wanted to steal their girl basically, and have her model some of ours around my cars. Ideally, I really wanted a Honda in the Photoshoot but it was all very last minute that we'd both realised we could actually make this happen and get together for a couple of hours and finally get the shoot done!


Below you'll see the full photoset, hope you enjoy them (dont be gross) 

Links to the T shirts & Snapbacks shes wearing are on all of the photos, so simply give em a click and it will take you straight to the item.

I keep hinting (harrassing) at Yelena to come along and give Drifting a shot, she just doesnt trust me behind the wheel I dont think, but I'll keep on trying! 

Thank you to Yelena as well for coming out. Such a beautiful girl and its awesome to get her in the clothing & up on the blog finally after talking about it for so long! 

Remember to give her Instagram a Peep @YelenaYloisa, leave her a comment & tell her you want to see more of her on here & on my youtube, help a brother out, all the content is free so its the least you can do haha. 

Link to full set on Flickr here : YELENA PHOTO SET  pictures should be downloadable, worse case just screen shot them. Dont tell us what you're doing with them though for the sweet love of god. 

Anyway, Hope you've enjoyed the shoot! I think its cool to show you in more depth the girl who will be on most of the adverts along with Ellie in the future!

If you want to see more girls on the blog, let me know! I'd be up for shooting more & doing more photos with the same girls we've done before but maybe in different settings. 

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