Photos by Zak Gallagher Over here in England, we got given a limited edition Honda civic in the Ek's final year called the Honda Civic Jordan, after Eddie Jordan's F1 Team. They were limited to 500 Cars all individually numbered. These cars are becoming limited in numbers, and hold their value with a increased premium on the normal VTI Ek4's. My friend Zak, purchased a Jordan a while back. Turning it into a mini Instagram superstar, just before he decided to get rid of it, he purchased a set of the 6TWO1 Coilovers off us. Shame he sold it as I was really looking forward to more progression on this car, but he needed something more comfortable with more creature comforts. So he bought an EP3. link Front end Inside you can see his recaro bucket seat is just about all that is left in his interior... jordn1 He dressed up the front end with a Chargespeed front lip & A genuine C-West Bonnet.. side Also some recently acquired Rota Slipstreams give it more of an agressive look compared to the old compomotives he used to have fitted Rear On the rear he had a Carbon boot he had sat in his bedroom for about 14 months before getting around to fitting it but I loved how it looked... Side view Side on shot shows how you can get the EK Chassis to sit on our coilovers, he had a lot more adjust-ability left also JOrdan Turning the heads of the cyclists on the Essex country lanes... rear I honestly was sad when Zak told me he was swapping it for the EP3 he now has, even though I felt he got the better end of the deal I was still sad to see one of our cars go to another home, even though I see Ben (new owner) is now enjoying it! 6TWO1 Coilovers are priced at £599 and are available for EG, EK & DC2 - In stock today! link Thank you Zak for the Photos.