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Car Prep
BC Racing BR-Series Coilovers Toyota GR Yaris 20+
ETA: 10-15 Working Days
Bc Racing Br-series Coilovers Toyota Gr Yaris 20+ This is the kit we recommend for the best balance of performance and comfort, designed by the factory to have the best overall compromise of spring rate, ride height range, top mount design and damping rate to suit the majority of car owners. It is m..
Ex Tax:£759.84
Bg Racing Brown & Geeson String Alignment Kit B-G String Lines are the easiest and most accurate way to achieve four wheel alignment. The frames are fully adjustable to allow fitment to a wide range of cars and attaches to the vehicle using the hooking feet which are interchangeable to all of the tu..
Ex Tax:£413.14
Genuine Honda Bolt And Washer 11 x 116 Various Models
ETA: 3-10 Working Days
Genuine Honda Bolt And Washer 11 X 116 Various Models Genuine Honda bolt. Be it the test of time, or just general maintenance, new nuts and bolts can be the dividing line when doing the job right. These are Genuine Honda parts, as with all Genuine Honda parts expect a perfect fit and finish every ti..
Ex Tax:£7.65
Genuine Honda Drain Plug Rear Differential Crush Washer 20mm Various Models Genuine Honda washer. Thin metal items like these can really suffer from the test of time, worst case the dreaded rust welding sets in. When it comes to replacing shoot for the best, Genuine Honda parts ensure a perfect fit ..
Ex Tax:£1.59
Genuine Honda Windscreen Cowl Scuttle Panel Trim Clips Integra Type R DC2 Civic EG EK
ETA: Allow Up To 2-3 Weeks
Genuine Honda Windscreen Cowl Scuttle Panel Trim Clips Integra Type R Dc2 Civic Eg Ek Genuine Honda scuttle panel clip. We've all been there, fragile plastic clips, after a bit of time these inevitably snap or get lost. When that happens why not go for a Genuine Honda replacement, so expect a perfec..
Ex Tax:£4.00
HKS Hi-Power Spec-L II Exhaust Toyota GR Yaris 20+ HKS Hi-Power Spec-L II Exhaust Toyota GR Yaris 20+
ETA: 12-16 Weeks
Hks Hi-power Spec-l Ii Exhaust Toyota Gr Yaris 20+ Achieves sporty sound, light weight and high efficiency Weight reduction of 25% compared to genuine products By using thin stainless steel materials for pipes and silencers, weight reduction of approximately 25% compared to genuine products has been..
Ex Tax:£1,585.34
HKS Tire Tote Wheel Bag Storage Protectors - Set of 4 HKS Tire Tote Wheel Bag Storage Protectors - Set of 4
ETA: 12-16 Weeks
Hks Tire Tote Wheel Bag Storage Protectors - Set Of 4 The newly release HKS Tire Tote include a set of 4 covers and 4 felt pads to keep your wheels and tires protected while in storage or transportation. Using the durable handle, each tote can carry a tire up to 55lbs. Conveniently, the tire totes h..
Ex Tax:£85.51
Race TCS Traction Control System Box V2 Race TCS Traction Control System Box V2
ETA: 3-10 Working Days
Race Tcs Traction Control System Box V2 RaceTCS is racing traction control system , which limits slip of driven wheels in RWD/FWD cars. It can be used in multi port injected petrol engines. Thanks to RaceTCS you can keep wheel slip in optimal range for weather conditions and maximise acceleration. ..
Ex Tax:£320.25
Tegiwa 70mm Billet Throttle Body Honda K-Series Hose Connection Fitting
ETA: 3-10 Working Days
Tegiwa 70mm Billet Throttle Body Honda K-series Hose Connection Fitting If you're looking for a replacement or new hose connection for your Tegiwa 70mm Throttle Body then this is the part you're after. Simply replace the broken or damaged connection and replace with this brand new Tegiwa part...
Ex Tax:£4.40
Tegiwa Amb Tranx 160 260 750mc Motor Club Transponder Mount Holder Cradle This cradle will fit all first generation AMB Tranx 260 and 160 (used in go-karting) rechargeable Transponder with the extended fitment hole that is used by 750 Motor Club at race meetings. A quality holder that can be secured..
Ex Tax:£7.99
Tegiwa Battery Master Cut-out Switch Isolator Kill Switch & 10ft Pull Cord - 2 Pole Designed to isolate the battery and stop the engine. This is suitable for a 12v system and should be used with 10mm battery terminals...
Ex Tax:£17.61
Tegiwa Classic Logo Number Plate Blank Stickers Decal Red Pair TEGIWA Classic Logo Number Plate Stickers. Represent one of the UK and Europes leading aftermarket parts brands, ideal if you've got a track car and want to cover your number plate for the day or need to comply with championship decal re..
Ex Tax:£8.01
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